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ideas for improving sales figures through training


Any ideas for a training morning with store managers to help them improve motivation of their staff in order to improve sales figures? Will be using role play to start off debate, but would like to have some more inter- ventions and come up with initiatives they can take away with them.
Erica Harley

5 Responses

  1. Have you tried FISH!
    There is a great book called Fish! that covers the area of motivation and allows anyone who implements the suggestions to feel empowered to tackle anything – even morale and sales!
    ISBN is 0-340-81979-0

  2. Improving sales trhough training
    Have you considered using a board game? This would add an element of fun to the learning process and using the right game would also allow the store managers to build their own ideas about increasing sales – which is more likely to work than imposed ideas.

    If you would like to talk this through, please drop me an e-mail at [email protected] or call me on 0788 079 0815.



  3. FISH book – excellent idea
    Tend to agree with the FISH book – excellent idea. Also, how comfortable are the managers going to be with role-plays first thing?

  4. motivation for improved sales

    The interventions suggested in the other comments will certainly add an element of fun and also clearly demonstrate the links between motivation and sales, but I fear that ultimately the might prove not as successful as hoped.

    If I read you right your training morning is for managers who need to motivate their staff to work towards improved sales figures. This suggests to me that there is an issue here around training need. For example, sales improvements required, but is this due to a drop in performance of staff/stores, and/or changes in market conditions? Is top management really looking for improved sales, or improved profits?

    Significant improvement in performance of people will come when they are intrinsically motivated. Simply paying them more is unlikely to have the right effect. Simply giving store managers some initiatives to go away with is unlikely to have the full effect. Staff and store managers need to be aware of the link between their roles, sales, and the future of the business and thus their jobs.

    Check out the Great Game of Business, by Jack Stack – very enlightening.

    I have been working with a sales team within a national telecoms/security company. Since working with them they have gone from nowhere (i.e setup) to top national sales team 2 years in a row. There isn’t room here to discuss the interventions but I am happy to off line. Contact me at [email protected].

  5. are you training the right people?
    I don’t see how a training morning for Store Managers will improve sales figures. Who is telling you that motivating the staff will improve sales. Sounds like you need to get nearer to the problem. Contact me direct if you want more help/ideas


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