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Ideas for introducing coaching concepts to a large group


As part of a coaching forum which I am part of, we have been asked to run a session at a team meeting for 70+ people, which will introduce the concepts & benefits of coaching to them.  We want to do something fun and interactive - potentially using a third party to facilitate this.  Does anyone have any ideas, or recommendations for companies which might be able to do something for us?


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  1. Fun and interactive coaching skills


    I could certaintly help you with this – loads of experience through our work at RSVP Design Ltd of large group sessions and introducing the concept of coaching through a very lively activities: my favourite is called ‘Mystery Object’ and it would be perfect for what you need. I’d be delighted to talk you through the way I would approach this session and give you some references, if you are interested!

  2. In the spirit of coaching I have a few questions for you to pond


    Are the group to be the coaches themselves or coachees?

    If the latter will they be coached by their own managers or outside coaches?

    If the former will they be trained or left to sink or swim? Will they be given time to coach or will it become an add on that they will only do if they are prepared to admit that they have the time?  Will there be any attempt to sell to their people the idea of their managers coaching them

    Will there be any policy regarding what topics are off limits, confidentiality between coach and coachee and what the obligations are for coaches regarding whistleblowing? 

    What is the past culture? and what effect may this have on people’s attitude to either being coached or being asked to coach.

    and finally….what sort of budget do you have for this?  You can go very hi tech and sexy for a "big bang" subject (£££££) or you can go for something conservative and business like (£££) or you can go low budget and dull as ditchwater (£)

    I’m sure that this won’t be me answering your question but it may help you to decide how to get a suitably effective outcome in the end

    Feel free to get in touch if I can be of more help 


    Rus Slater

  3. Oxford School of Coaching & Mentoring

    Hi Karen,

    Here at Oxford Brookes University we host the The International Centre for Coaching and Leadership Development with some of the most experienced and respected coaching expertise available anywhere.

    I would agree that an important consideration is "where do you want this to go?" i.e. do you want the group to ultimately be able to coach, or do you want them to more effectively access and utilise coaching?

    We have particular expertise in establishing coaching centres of excellence within organisations, and the potential is there for staff who you want to develop into internal coaches to achieve a range of qualifications, including:

    In summary, what I’m suggesting is that we could run a team event for you that introduces concepts of coaching that are relevant to your organisational goals, and if that is a stepping stone on to something else then we can support you on a number of levels as your needs develop further.


  4. Coaching introduction

    Hi Karen

    Here is an idea that I have used to great effect.
    Get 2 volunteers and get one to lie on the floor on his or her back. The other is then to get the other to standing using pure instruction. The one on the floor is to do exactly what they are told.
    The audience can cheer for progress made and boo for anything except instruction.

    Then debate as a group what would be possible different ways of getting someone to standing.

    See where it is going yet?

    The rest you can make up as you go, to reach your own desired outcome…

    Voila, let me know if you use it and how it goes?



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