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In Search of a Training Activity :) for Process


Help!  I am looking for a training activity :) that will illustrate the importance of process and deadlines.  I want it to be thought provoking but fun.  Any ideas, anyone?

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  1. a bit more information please

    Hi Holme1

    I have experience of this subject but it comes from various different angles:

    "importance" for who? the customer, the law, the organisation, the people involved in the process?

    What type of process are you dealing with; manufacturing, customer facing, reactive, simple/one person or company wide?

    Finally what do you mean by "game"; do you want an off the shelf simulation or are you looking for an exercise that relates to the process the people actually use?

    If you respond here I’ll post an answer, alternatively you can contact me direct through TZ or via my website

    Rus Slater

  2. Game

    I have a template you could use but only if you remove the word "game" from the question!

  3. Training games

     The organisation I work for, G2G3, offers a wide range of simulations and training games around process.  Please feel free to have a look at our website at 



  4. G2G

    Very impressive!

    Looks really good but I prefer the word "simulation" to "game"

    I have a card based exercise that can be adapted to suit any process or system if anyone wants it?


  5. Thank you


    Thank you for taking the time to post your interesting replies.

    Russ – I am working in a retail environment so the processes and deadlines are about getting product from the supplier to the customer.  The focus is on different areas of the business being interdependant on timely and accurate information in areas such as forecasts, promotional plans, stock levels, etc.   There is a huge level of change being implemented in the business by new processes.

    By game (sorry Steve!) I mean a simulation/exercise/activitywhich is based in small teams, preferably with visual and tactile impact plus light bulb moments!  A board game type of activity or an activity that needs people to move about and interact would be great (but no embarassing dancing or intimate contact)!   I already use a tweaked version of the MIT Beer Game for an earlier stage of the learning journey and that works really well. 

    Ehsan – Thank you for the link,  I particularly like the Futures and Puzzle activities.

    Kingla – That video is exactly how I want my training sessions to be.

    Steve – A template or card game would be great. 



  6. Email to Steve

    Hi Steve

    I have sent you an email and got your ‘OOF’ back so I guess you will pick it up when you are back.

    Thank you.

  7. OOF

    Hi Sharon

    I am OOF but managed to pick up your e mail and the templates are on the way!

    Looking forward to hearong how you got on with the course…





  8. In-tray exercise – Accounts

    Hi I am looking for an in-tray exercise to run for 30 mins for candidates in interview stage for Accounts.

    I have found various in-tray but nothing for 30mins and accounts topic.


    Many Thanks



  9. In tray Exercises

    We offer a range of In Tray Exercises suitable for all levels for management from newly appointed supervisor through to senior level chairman and directors.  We offer packages which allow employees to practice before an In Tray Test as well as fully customisable versions for employers.

    We also have a free video which explains to candidates how to prepare for their In tray Exercise

    The test  can be ordered on line and the delivery link is usually sent out within a few minutes.  For full details see:  and any questions please feel free to call on 020 3295 1007



  10. The JIT Challenge

    I use a team activity ‘The JIT (just in time) Challenge’ which requires the ‘participants’ to set up a production line and manufacture a ‘jig’ using stickle bricks to meet targets and deadlines.  They are required to assign job roles, agree on production method(s) and make money!

    The trainer becomes the customer who places the orders and deals only with the appointed manager.

    They have three rounds.  In the second round 2 changes can be made to job roles and or method of production.  The third round allows for any number of changes to be made.

    I have used this for quite some time and find it works really well on lots of levels: communications, problem solving, team working and individual team skills, etc.

    Let me have your e-mail and I will forward the rules, trainer brief and a supplier for the stickle bricks.

    It’s also interesting to see who is first in the group make a train or a car.  Aaah child hood!


    Lone Parent Trainer

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