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Induction Training


I have been asked to setup an Induction Training program from scratch, I have no experience of this and would welcome any ideas or resources as have been unable to find anything useful on the web.
Emma Kneller

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  1. Induction help
    Hi Emma,.
    I have come from the call centre industry where inductin traingin is part of every day life for the trainers. For me it is probably a fairly simple process, but different for every industry. If you want to talk about some ideas or look at some templates feel free to get in touch. 01236 750001 or [email protected]

  2. Some good books out there
    Emma, I am currently developing a blended orientation programme for my organisation using online and face to face sessions. I’ve read up on the topic widely and would be happy to send you my review of the literature if you get in touch directly. Regards, Karen

  3. An actual suggestion

    If you look at all the different functional departments of your company, that’s a good place to start. Get each department head to pop into your induction day and talk about what their department does, how it fits into the overall business and how it interacts with other departments. One warning: if the head of dept deputises this job then he/she is saying “new starters aren’t important to me” so get senior management buy-in for this.

    What else? A tour, obviously. If your induction group is large then a clue hunt is a great idea, where teams have to go off and talk to people around the business to find out what they do.

    Processes and procedures? If you lecture them on these, the new starters won’t take it in. Do domething physical, like a big jigsaw puzzle or train set, to get them to learn business processes.

    Also use the opportunity to re-affirm why you hired these people and to remind them what a great decision they made joining your company.


  4. Legal requirements & interaction

    Remember as well that there are certain legal requirements for new people (e.g. health & safety) and it’s good to ensure that these are included as part of your induction so that they don’t get missed once they move into their department/team.
    Try to keep your induction as interactive as possible – quizzes, activities etc. all help as generally the information that you need to pass on isn’t the most exciting.

  5. main worries
    Thank you all for your help so far, my main worries are that most of the Inductions will be run on a one to one basis, how long do I make the sessions and how do i keep things interesting when there is only you and them ?

  6. We have a way!
    Please call me and I will talk you through our innovative way of delivering induction on a one on one basis as well as two big groups. Very similar content but different methods. Julie McLaren – Kennedy Training Manager Apetito 077175808752

  7. Induction Ideas
    Here are some more ideas of things to include in induction:
    – Maps of where internal services are such as photocopiers, canteens, different depts & external local services are, e.g. post offices, banks, pubs
    – Guide to who’s who
    – Company/brand strategy & history
    – Info on which sysytems are used, how to change system passwords, what training is available
    – Info on how to manage holiday requests & sick days

    I hope that helps


    Lucy Cameron
    Systems Training Manager
    Arcadia Group Ltd

  8. The Inductee
    You are in a good position to ask yourself; what does the inductee need to know not necessarily what the company wants them to know. Then you can combine the needs of both and design the indcuction accordingly with what ever aids are available.

  9. Help Offered
    I’ve had experiance of 121 inductions for a long time, the best approach I’ve found is a belended aproach, self study pack, video, assessments – remember not all inductions have to be done in one day/week. Regulatory requirements must be top of the list, DPA Money Laundering and POCA.

    Think to yourself if I was starting how would I like to find out about the company, hope this helps

  10. Induction
    Emma – you seem to have had a lot of good advice already!

    To answer your subsequent questions?
    Make it interesting by answering questions any new person would wish to know, whether they asked you or not! From where are the loos and where do I get a cup of coffee, to how do I fill in an expense/overtime claim or what if I feel ill, to what is expected of me, what are the organisation’s values and what if I am not happy?
    My guiding light from personal experience is: with a great induction programme, I can sustain all manner of disappointment thereafter. Without one, I may never be happy…

    And for how long? 1 hour *max* per person, with as *many* people as possible, who know the importance of a happy start and know exactly what their task is. A training issue in its own right? (Sincere welcome – vision – the task ahead – values – processes – ideas – open doors – encouragement…)
    That includes VERY senior management wherever possible. They may never meet again (if they are both unlucky) but these first meetings are SO important! They forgive so much of the ups and downs of employed life.

    One other thought? Many people only work to live. What can YOU do to reverse that so that all parties are happy?

    Best wishes!


  11. Induction
    Hello again Emma, seems like you have loads of ideas, and some really useful ones at that.
    When I design an induction package I think of the following things.
    HR Policies and procedures
    Health and safety
    Company mission statement and incorporated into that a genereal overview of the nature of the company, not only the business but the atmosphere and the culture.
    Then I look at the softer skills, so in the call centre this would be custoerm service skills, telesales, building rapport, overcoming difficult cusotomers etc.
    Then I look at generic technical skills, for example pc skills, and specific appliocations that may be required, e.g.. Sage, Word, Excel.
    Once these fundamentals are covered I look at the company specific training. This may be technical or not, however its for you to decide how to add the company specific, or job role specific aspects of the training at this point.
    I hope this is of use, and again feel free to get in touch shoud you wish to ask any more questions.

  12. linking induction to the site tour
    Emma, If you read my response under the site tours enquiry then you can use this as the basis for a different induction. My only addition would be to get new employees to keep a journal in which they record not only what the do but how useful the information and contacts they make are, and how they will use this in their work. This journal should become the basis for a weekly discussion with their manager for the first few weeks.

    Roger Pattison


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