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Innovation questionnaire


As part of a programme on "Embedding Innovation", I am designing a workshop to achieve buy-in of senior managers to a more innovation-focused approach to business. As a starting point I would like to assess their personal mindset towards innovation as a business imperative. How well-disposed might they be towards embedding a sustainable innovation culture?
I have considered MBTI, but I need something that is a little more accessible and quicker (as usual the "quick-fix syndrome" reigns!)
SDI is a possibility, but it doesn't specifically address innovation.
Any suggestions please?
Dirk Pretorius

6 Responses

  1. Innovation
    I would not use a questionnaire here to start with, I’d start the workshop with a case study. Look for their approaches to problem solving. This will break them into the workshop by way of group work but you can observe the results/atttitudes rather than collection of data which is unlikely to be truthful. You can also drop in some alternative approaches using innovative thinking to see how much is picked up. Unless the questionnaire is detailed beyond the question (which will waste time) managers spot it a mile off as personal data collection!

    After the workshop the case study example should yield enough know what pattern of attitudes you are facing, a 360% feedback would be valuable. Some can be completed by the manager but a section needs to be completed by those managed for the data to be meaningful.

    Good luck with this it is an interesting project.

    TBD Global Ltd
    0870 241 3998

  2. Work with, not persuade
    Hi Dirk. I think I would go back a step or two and enquire into what problem “a more innovation-focused approach to business” is seen as the solution to? Who sees it that way? How do you know that senior managers are not already “bought in” to solving that problem, either via this solution or others?

    Overall I would try to work with the managers, not persuade them.

    I’m not clear that MBTI would say much about this, and I’m afraid I have not heard of SDI.

  3. Change
    Hi Dirk,
    I would, like you, tend to use a “style” survey – my pref (as a licensed user!) is for the LIFO® Method. Although it doesn’t specifically categorise Innovation or Change, a good analyst will help your participants to understand their working preferences.
    I’d be happy to talk you through how it works if you give me a call or a direct email.


  4. I have a survey available
    I note that one or two of the other respondents are suggesting that a survey might not be a good place to start. I would disagree slightly. Innovation isn’t just about problem solving – it’s about an organisation’s entire culture. In my experience a survey can help individuals consider the environment and culture within their organisation and the extent to which that encourages or discourages creativity and innovation. I’ve developed a short, simple survey, which I have found a useful introduction to training. Admittedly, this only provides results based on an individual’s own perceptions of the organisation they work for, but this in itself can be useful in terms of accessing how open individuals are going to be to the training, and receptive to the idea that change might be required. If you’d like a copy please email me at [email protected].

  5. Innovation Competence Assessment
    Hi Dirk,
    It’s probably far too late but having just joined Trainingzone, I thought it may be useful to share our approach. We have an innovation competence assessment tool that has been tested in the private and public sectors with great results. Case study material is available on the website – We see the assessment as a start to a process of developing skills in innovation within organisations or teams. Let me know if you would like further information.
    Kind regards.
    Glenn Morrill


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