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James Docherty

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Inspirational ‘People Management’ videos for course use?


Hello L&D community!

I'm in the process of developing a three day course for line managers / team leaders covering some of the foundations of effective team management, communications delivery, and individual performance management.

There's a lot of content to get through in three days as I'm sure you can imagine so I've been keeping the event pacey with short bursts of content which have a high level of impact, supported by a fair amount of pre-course work and post-course activities / project work / networking etc.

What I would really like to include is a video (no more than 10 minutes long) which covers some of the key competencies and qualities of a good people manager in a way that motivates, excites and gets them thinking 'outside the box' (they are very process & data orientated so something that moves them away from that way of thinking). This will be used at the beginning of one of the training days so I would like something quite fun with, dare I say it, the 'wow' factor!

Have you used anything before in your training courses?

What would you recommend / suggest?

Any advice greatly appreciated! I've had a few years away from designing / delivering classroom based training so the creative part of my brain isn't as strong as it used to be!

Thanks in advance :)

3 Responses

  1. Tom Peters

    the Leadership Alliance…..yes it's 1980s and yes it's American but it also chops up into little bite size 10 minute chunks, and the messgaes are relevant to the modern day (it draws a lot on management in the "bad" times.

    Particularly, the element about Pat Carrigan and GM are very much about the "people" element, rather than the data process number crunching… could be good for your needs

    Good luck


  2. A different angle..

    Hi James,

    I've looked at Chesley Sullenberger (the pilot who landed the plane on the Hudson a few years ago) in many of the leadership courses I've delivered.  Although it's not that obvious in that leadership skills scream out, but there are a number of great videos on YouTube of interviews he done after the event.  The CBS on is a great example.

    I normally play it then pick it to pieces, asking the group what leadership and management qualities he demonstrated.  The key to it is then linking what he done back to what the people on the course do.

    Like I said, it isn't set out like a Leadership or Management video, but it certainly is a great conversation to have about leadership and management in a real situation that happened.


  3. Leadership lessons from the dancing man

    Hi James,

    This may not be just right as it does focus a little more on leadership than management, but it is different and having used it a number of times it does have the wow factor.

    In this You Tube film there are some very simple lessons about leadership from a dancing man at the Sasquatch Music Festival 2009.

    The link is below:

    Hope it helps.


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James Docherty

L&D & Engagement Manager

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