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Interesting ways of presenting back material


Hi All,

I am running a worskshop on some pretty uninspiring conetent and I thought one way to make it more fun would be to get groups of  participants present back sections of the maetrial in different formats to consolidate the learnings.

So far I have:

TV Advert

Press Conference


Any other suggestions welcome!



5 Responses

  1. Twitter!

     How about presenting a key idea from the material in 140 characters a la Twitter? It really forces you to sharpen up a message! You could put that, plus your other ideas on individual cards (and I’m sure you’ll get lots of ideas from here) and they could randomly be given, or choose the communication method to use to get the key info across?

    I’ll try and think of some more …. 

  2. Presenting back


    I have frequently left the choice of method to the group(s) themselves – the only instruction I give is that they can do whatever they fancy with the emphasis on being interesting and even entertaining! They are really innovative, I have found and, in addition to your ideas, have come up with;

    Quiz/game show

    Chat show (Parkinson-style)

    A football coach giving the pre-match pep talk in the dressing room


    News report

    I have also used a technique where I write up one of the key words in large letters down the left hand side of the flipchart (with some space in between) and then got the group to call out related words that start with each of the letters in turn – so, to illustrate, for TEAM it might look like this:


    T – together, talk, top, talented,  etc

    E – everyone, equal, even, energy, expectations etc

    A – able, accessible, ability, achieving, assessing, analysis etc

    M – meeting, motivated, manager, mix etc


    (Not the best example, but I hope it serves to show what I mean)

    You may be able to adapt it for your use?

    It might also be helpful for us to know the broad subject of this "uninspiring" content so we can come up with some ideas that would be particularly suitable. Happy to help further if you message me off-line – my contact details are on my profile.

    Good luck!

    Jenny James


  3. this may come too late

    Dear small head

    It may be too late to do this but if not you could try putting the uninspring content into a pack of pre-reading and use the workshop to embed, test, practice, challenge, clarify and discuss.


  4. Workshops

    Hi R

    This is a perfect example of how networking could help you. (ie you have a simple problem that is easily put right by sharing it…(I doubt if it will be put right on a message board)

    This problem could not only be solved by attending a meeting with other Trainers but you would probably learn more useful ideas than you would ever learn on a "proper" course because it would be completely focused on the issues you have NOW rather than a one size fits all methodology approach.

    Hope to see you, virtually or otherwise…sharing is a good thing

    Best regards


  5. A couple more


    Just a few more I have used:


    Radio Advert





    I find that often within a group, there are a few who find acting something out quite scary and and so have a couple of safer options in there as well, like the poster.



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