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Dear all,
I'm preparing for an important interview for a training position next week and I need to deliver a 15 minutes presentation to the recruitment manager about a subject of my choice because they would like to see my communication skills.

Could anybody out there please give me some idea on how I shoudl structure the presentation in order to deliver a successful presentation.

Thank you in advance



4 Responses

  1. interview

    Firstly good luck with that

    Bear the following in mind

    Have some behavioural presentation objective prepared

    Have an introduction slide, saying welcome to the session, how long it will be etc., housekeeping rules

    Present on something business related. For example, for a training position you could do accelerated learning or something. I did this for a job I went for. I brought toys in which I placed on the desk, I brought a stereo in to show them what baroque music and played it while I explained the theory. The main presentation was on powerpoint and I summarised on flipchart, plus I understood the most important presentation tool was me, so I delivered to my best ability. (I got the job by the way!!)

    What I’m trying to say is look upon this as a showcase of your skills, and by showcasing your skills in your audiences business context, you’ll grab attention.

    Any questions you can catch me at [email protected]

    Again, very best of luck


  2. Interview presentation
    Hi Adriana

    Sometimes the simplest ways are the best. I’ve always worked to
    ‘Tell them what you’re going to tell them’
    ‘Tell them’
    ‘Tell them what you’ve told them’
    In other words – intro, main body, summary.

    If you’re going to do it on Powerpoint, take some hard copies of the slides as well, just in case of equipment failures. I once took a disc to an interview and the computer wasn’t working, I also had acetates and the bulb blew in the OHP, so I resorted to hard copy. They swore it wasn’t a test, and I got the job!

    If you’d like to discuss anything further, feel free to call me on 07766 422376 (before Saturday as I’m off on holiday.)

    Good luck and let us know how you get on!


    Sue Beatt

  3. 4 MAT
    You can use the 4MAT system based on work by Bernice McCarthy & it incorporates the 4 main learning styles.

    Start with Little What-what am I going to talk to you about today.
    Why? (Reflector)
    Why am I telling,showing you this.
    What? (Activist)
    The main body or subject
    How? (Pragmatist)
    An activity/exercise or describe how they could use the presentation content.
    What if? (Theorist)
    You can use this section to ask if there are any questions.

    The use of stories or metaphors is always good and using all language types-visual/auditory/kinaesthetic.

    Good luck!

  4. presentation/speaking tips
    If you are presenting on a subject of your choice. Stick to what you know. Choose something you are passionate about and aren’t going to need a lot of notes.
    Structure it carefully, then practice it, and restructure as necessary.
    Make your opening and close as strong as you possibly can, and include some sort of summary at the close as well.

    If you open well, you will have most people hooked straight away ūüôā

    If speaking skills are something you would like to work on for the future, I can highly recommend toastmasters (, or working with a presentation skills coach.
    You are welcome to contact me if I can help further.

    [email protected]


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