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Interview – Talents


We are conducting three step recruitment process for this tole:

1- a face to face structured behavioural interview to uncover knowledge and skills

2- A recording of a customer's 'problem call' to test decision making and initiating action

3- This is where I am looking for suggestions.

In 30 minutes how can I discover if these three talents are part of the candidate's make-up.

A drive to put your beliefs into action

A need to assume personal accountability for your work and others work

An ability to purposefully capitalise upon relationships

My thoughts were around a test, role-play or an exercise rather than a series of questions.

Eddie Steeds

4 Responses

  1. Role-play
    I would agree that a role-play would seem appropriate – given that you’ve used the customer-manager scenario – maybe a supplier or internal colleague scenario.

    You have 2 ‘personal’ competencies (Mission & Responsibility) and 1 ‘interpersonal’ competency. Certainly the latter fits with a role-play (intellectual competencies are not well suited to role-play/group exercises as primary sources of evidence).

    The only problem is that you’ll need to build a scenario where the individual has the chance to show you their willingness to take responsibility & action their beliefs, rather than forcing them to do so, unless of course you redefine your competencies into what their beliefs are/how they go about taking responsibility, rather than whether they do it/show it or not.

    It’s late @ the end of a weekend, so I’m not at my most articulate! – reply or call if you want a clearer discussion.. Conall

  2. Psychometric tests can help
    The more I learn about and use psychometrics in recruitment, the more I am convinced of their value. Does your candidate have a degree of natural dominance – to they want to take control and make things happen? But if this is not tempered by warmth and concern for people they will not be successful at building relationships and making customers feel they care. Are they high on Responsibility – if so they are more likley to “own the problem”.
    Nearly everyone puts on some kind of front in an interview, whereas a good test (I use the CPI) with a lie detector element in it can give you more accurate information about what they are really like. Contact if you would like to talk it through. Jess Madge

  3. Arian Associates Ltd
    If you have not already started the recruitment process one tack that you can take is to carry out the first part of the interveiw process over the telephone, instead of a telephone role play. As you will no doubt be aware the telephone increases and amplifies the ‘attitude’ of the speakers, even though you can’t see their body language – this has always worked for us and saves time setting up interveiws with people who do not come accross with the right ‘feel’ over the phone.

  4. the words used in the role play are keys?
    I agree with the suggestions already made. The words used in the role play will be crucial to assessing ability to build relationship and rapport quickly. The questions I would be asking are: ‘Is this person solution focussed?’ ‘Are they really listening to the customer?’
    ‘Are they seeking a win-win situation?’ Do they sound honest, genuine and helpful?’
    I realise I may be stating the obvious, very often this is not how people deal with each other though!
    Hope you find the solution?


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