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Keeping Up To Date


Hi I am constantly on the look out for new ways to improve my training skills. Websites, Focus Groups, Seminars, Conferences, Short Courses etc etc Does anyone have any tips on any of the above to share with the rest of us? How do you keep up to date? Thanks Steve

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  1. “Cheap” alternative

    Hi Steve

    Can you get a competent trainer to actually come along and join one of your courses as a delegate and give you developmental feedback after the event?

    If this is possible it is usually a really good way to actually improve practical "skills" rather than just widening theoretical knowledge (you mention both "keeping up to date" and improving skill)

    If this isn’t possible you might try setting up a video camera and recording your session for self analysis after the event (obviously you will need to consider delegates wishes in this instance)

    I hope this helps


  2. Peer Coaching
    Thanks Rus

    I agree…Peer Coaching is an excellent way to improve training skills.

    In terms of this question I guess I am trying to find out where the latest methodologies are hiding. I find network groups the best way of learning but finding the right one is not easy!

    Can anyone recommend a good group? Maybe The Training Zone could start one?

    Best regards


  3. Twitter!

     I’ve learnt loads through my connections on Twitter – many of the people/organisations I follow post links to websites/articles on training, coaching, leadership and technology – including Training Zone. Follow the right people, get to know how reliable their sources are – voila – bite-size info on a range of things!

    If you need any help or ideas on who to follow – just ask,

    Margaret   @CfPD (Twitter name)

  4. Twitter
    Hi Margaret

    That sounds like a great idea.

    Can you “do” Twitter just on your computer or do you need a smart phone?

    I would love to hear more…



    Update…Now on Twitter and following you! As you are following me. Looking forward to seeing how this works…

  5. Many ways online



    I keep up to date by using Google Alerts, twitter (using Hootsuite) reading relevant and sometimes not so relevant blogs, RSS feeds, Ning groups and checking out some of the latest YouTube, BlipTv, Vimeo and Viddler videos. There is a bit of searching around to be done. Try them out and if they do not work out move on. I have my own blog which also forces me to keep up to date with what is happening and I let my students add new posts to this. The trick is letting the information come to you rather than spending hours looking for it. Once you have a few good feeds of information, new connections occur.

  6. Please Explain
    Thanks…sounds intreresting.

    Please explain?? Never heard of any of these. Do you have any examples?

    Google Alerts,

    (using Hootsuite)

    Ning groups



    Viddler videos.

  7. How

     This is complicated to explain but;


    Google alerts – if you have a google account you can search for an item such as training and then get google to tell you when anything appears on the web (in real time) – this can be fed to your google reader which makes it easier to read and follow.

    Not many people understand that twitter is a great search engine. Using hootsuite or tweet deck (both free) you can set up a column to search for any mention of say elearning and then when someone tweets about this it appears in the column. You leave these applications on while your working – hootsuite makes a sound and lets you know when something has come through

    Ning groups – go to You can setup your own social network but there are 1000’s of others already setup. Search for an appropriate one such as the elearning group and join.

    The other ones were alternatives to YouTube and have some very good shows. uStream is aother – just search on google for them. Free to watch and you can join.

    Found another today which is searching for groups to join in Linkedln – heaps of training groups.


    Check out my blog if you like – if I get a chance I might setup a video on this topic which takes people through the steps.







  8. RSS Feeds
    Cheers Darren

    You have a great website and I have signed up for your RSS feeds.

    Thats the technology sorted…does anyone belong to a network group to share good practice? ie…real people having a real meeting rather than virtual.



  9. Keeping in touch

    — QED Training




    We produce a monthly newsletter,free to our clients. I don’t think its content and slant(employment law and equality laws/diversity issues) will be of specific interest to you but the overarching point is that many training colleagues do produce newsletters and/or free resources with updates. Selective "subscriptions" in your areas of interest will keep the radar moving!


    Good luck



  10. Teachers TV
    Some good points…thank you.

    Further to my earlier comments I think there is no better way of keeping up to date than by watching other Teachers / Trainers.

    Is quite good if you don’t have the opportunity for peer coaching…

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Steve Robson

Learning and Development Consultant

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