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Key Phrases for Contact Centre – Sales



Can you help me please?? I am trying to find some key sayings to put around the walls in outbound telemarketing, such as "smile as you dial"

I'd be grateful if you can post phrases you've seen.


Linda Bridgestock

6 Responses

  1. Consider the effect on morale

    I’d urge you to consider the effect on staff morale of doing this.

    Phrases such as “smile as you dial” are fine during training but can seem a little patronising and twee for people exposed to them on the walls for 24 hours a day. And the cynic in me says that it won’t inspire people to “smile as they dial” at all.

    What are you trying to achieve with putting “key sayings” on the wall? If it’s a morale boost and trying to get people motivated and to stay motivated I’d of thought that pictures representing bonuses or things your staff like (you could always ask them) would help more than some throwaway lines.

    But if you really want them…

    “A-Always, B-Be, C-Closing”
    “You have two ears and one mouth use them in the same proportion.”

  2. Why
    I agree with Nik, if staff need reminding then thats an indication that either the training didnt work or the phrases are themselves meaningless.

  3. Arian Associates Ltd
    You do not say exactly what sort of phrases you are looking for. Motivational ? Team Building etc or specific to telesales/selling such as Close-Close-Close, for example.
    Most of the good office stationery wholesalers normally have a selection of posters/pictures with such stuff on as ‘Individually we are good; together we are excellent’ or some thing along those lines. If this is the sort of thing you are looking for try your local supplier for a catalogue – then utilise the phrases you are needing.

  4. Key Phrases for Contact Centre – Sales
    I have to agree with Nik, you do need to be careful what the posters etc say as they could come across to the existing staff as patronising!

    Personally, I believe that posters/flyers related to specific areas of the sales dialogue work better. I have devised many posters/flyers for contact centres however these have always been related to things such as positive words, questioning examples, product matches etc.

    If you want any examples/help Linda, please feel free to drop me an email to [email protected].


  5. Posters
    I agree with the comments already written, however one thing you could try is to ask the teams themselves to write positive statements, buzz words, phrases, things they say and do that help them on the phone, you could even turn it into a mini-competition to design the cheesiest, funniest, most positive poster etc.. this way they feel they are involved in their on-going development, it’s fun and it gets them actually thinking about what they do day-to-day that they may take for granted or not realise is important, it may even help someone they are working with, other team members etc..
    hope this is useful, and good luck.


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