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Laptop Recommendations?


My laptop is entering the end game of its life and I am looking to replace it. I typically use the full suite of Microsoft Office in one form or another and prefer a display size of 15". Does anybody have any recommendations based on direct experience? Make, specification, supplier? Thanks for your recommendations.

7 Responses

  1. Laptop Suggestions

    Personally I have moved away from larger laptops to protect my sagging shoulder and always walking aroung like I was on the side of a mountain. I have tried really small net books but found them to restrictive but at least they went everywhere with me. I have now compromised on an Advent 4213 which has a small screen (10"+) but which is sufficient. Its great advantage is that it has a slot for a ‘phone chip so that if I am not near a wireless hot spot I can access the internet and my mail via 3G.

  2. Lap Tops

    I understand GArkless‘s comments about weight but overcame this by using a laptop case with wheels (that can carry other stuff as well). When I replaced my laptop I had several concerns – screen size (large 900 wide), battery life (7 hours) and reputable supplier (I bought one laptop that was badly made and the high street shop’s customer service was terrible – it litery took weeks to sort out with the first "repair" doing nothing). The laptop I decided on was a Dell and this has worked well.

    Returning to weight and carrying – if you can afford it consider a netbook as well – fine for email and word processing but slow for my main purpose – designing and running business simulations.

  3. Thanks

    Thanks for the response. I have been looking at Dell as a possible supplier. And have been looking at PCworld as the shop from where I’ll buy.

  4. Laptops

    I change my home laptop quite regularly and usually buy reconditioned ones. (You would never know the difference from new and it allows you to go up a few levels than you would probably do if paying new price)

    I generally use E bay but this is an example of the companies I have used and had no problems ever…


  5. Netbook

    I’m using a reconditioned netbook at the moment that cost £160…perfect as I only use it for e mails and internet banking etc…also light enough to take wherever I go with my dongle!

  6. Word of warning about PC world

    Just a quick word of warning about PC World – they are known for having 2 things: 1) the highest prices on the market and 2) the most terrible customer service out there.


    A documentary was made about them after a flood of recent articles highlighting their terrible service.


    I would steer clear of them at all costs

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Garry Platt

Senior Consultant

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