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L&D Framework


Hi, I am looking for examples of what a Learning & Development framework may look for an organisation. I have in mind something that is visual and self explanatory. Any help in this area would be fabulous!

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  1. What?

    Kind of echoing the previous commenter, what do you mean by framework?

    Are you talking about how the learning function is structured within an organisation?

    Are you referring to a learning and development strategy?

    Or do you mean a learning and development delivery framework?

  2. Framework

    Hi, what I meant by 'framework' is really the strategy – what all should it comprise of? What are the key elements that should go into communication the L&D philosophy?

    I am wondering of if there are companies out there that have thought this through & have articulated this clearly for its employees? thanks!



  3. buying in a philosophy or strategy

    At the risk of sounding trite, if you buy in someone else's strategy and/or philosophy you often find that your own people don't buy-in to that strategy or philosophy.

    Your best bet is to generate your own strategy and philosophy: ones that actually mirror your business in your environment and that your people were involved in developing.  That way you will have something that is fit for your purpose and that people will feel they actually own and therefore want to make work.


  4. Rus – I whole heartedly

    Rus – I whole heartedly support your view & it is not my intention to copy another company's learning strategy! It would be useful to get started by seeing another one – just my thoughts..

    thanks for your attention..

  5. Learning and Development Strategy

    Every organisation is unique and will have a unique learning strategy but the steps they take to create a strategy will be similar. To start creating a learning and development strategy its helpful to ask a couple of questions.

    1-What are your organisation's strategic objectives or business plan?

    2-What organisational capabilities does your organisation need to achive the business strategy/plan? for example an organisation that runs events as part of its strategy will no doubt need to have event and project management capabilities.

    3-What current challenges is the organisation facing? What needs to change? What needs to improve? What needs to be maintained? What orarganisational capabilities are needed to deal with these?

    4-To help the organisation develop the capabilities then what skills and knowledge do the people need to acquire?

    5- How are you going to support the people to acquire those skills?

    6- How are you going to ensure that people are acquiring those skills and knowledge.

    Answering these questions will help you outline:

    -Your organisation's strategy?

    -What people need to be able to do to help the organisation achieve the strategy.

    -The skills and knowledge people need to do what they need to do.

    -What you will do as a learning function to support the people to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge.

    -How you will ensure that people actually acquire those skills and knowledge.

  6. Thank you


    Thank you. You can also see my blog on this site which is focused on learning and development strategy. I have written one post already.

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