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Leadership Development


Hi everyone, at the risk of being bombarded can anyone recommend a Leadership Development provider that they have used? Our business is going through massive change across all areas including name change, brand and business values. Our current leaders across the business have focused heavily in the past on process and procedure when managing and leading their teams. We are keen to encourage our existing leaders to drive performance within their teams using innovation and inspiration. We have approx 30 managers within the business that would benefit. At this stage we are just scoping out providers.

Any help would be appreciated.

Many thanks.


** NB Please can everyone stick to our posting rules, so personal recommendations only, not self promotion please!

Susie Finch, Editor, features **

11 Responses

  1. Roffey Park
    Hi Julie!

    Given the background and context to your requirement, the first company that sprung to mind was Roffey Park.

    Although I’ve not worked directly with them, their unique approach and experience would definitely address your situation.


  2. Leadership
    As an ex L&D Manager myself, in the past I have used (successfully):
    – Cranfield although expensive
    – Dovenest based in the Lake District- very original
    – Stellar Consulting – small but very effective
    – LBS – again great but expensive
    – Maier Consulting of Norwich – very intuitive and client focussed
    – Hemsley Fraser – wide experience and flexible

    I guess it’s down to budget, style and outcomes.

    Good luck, Alec

  3. My recommendation….
    Julie, Hi,
    I ran a successful LEAD programme (Leadership Effectiveness Assessment & Development) and used the very versatile Blue Beetle company. You can contact Graham on 0870 3257000 or try their website They are an acting/drama group who use this medium to put over many useful points. I have also used them on a number of other different projects one in particular was called “Classroom Nightmares” where we were able to put our instructors under a lot of stress in a very realistic but controlled environment. Graham will work close with you to ensure you get the most out of the workshops. If you do approach them please let them know I recommended them, thanks.
    Regards, and good luck.
    Chris Allsopp
    Training Officer
    Skill Force

  4. Leadership Development
    Hi Julie

    You may want to try The Ken Blanchard Companies. They are strong on Leadership, through their Situational Leadership II programme, but are also good on creating the right sort of working environment to cope with major changes like a reorganisation or rebranding.

    I know the company more by reputation rather than personal experience, however I am a keen fan of Ken’s books which are a useful starting point.

    If you wish to make contact with them I have the name and number of one of their sales people feel free to get in touch 07751 357427



  5. Leadership Development providers
    Hi Julie,

    I would recommend Developing Minds Ltd who delivered 4 programmes for my Company covering 46 Senior and Middle Managers. They hadsed a innovative approach and created bespoke content for each of the four programmes. Main contact is Geoff Roberts on 0845 1235890.


    John Morrall

    South Staffs Water Plc

  6. Leadership Development – a suggestion
    In my vast experience gathered over the years, I have always had the following in my “external provider toolkit”; Goodfoot Training , based in Nottingham. They really work with you as ‘partners’ with a key focus on delivering what the customer wants, even if they don’t actually know what they want! Time is spent assessing the wider company, yet completing the scoping very swiftly, always with the cost in mind! A good thing for most companies nowadays!

    They have delivered excellence for me for over 5 years in various companies I have worked for; most recently flying out to Dubai ( where I was a Group Head of L&D for a major construction company) and delivered both an Executive Leadership and a Leadership Programme there in challenging circumstances. Give them a try.

    Regards Lyn

  7. R & A
    Hi Julie, I’ve used R&A ( with my current and previous company. They get great results and collaborate well to design programmes that work at the heart of the organisation, to make change happen. In my first organisation they transformed a fragmented, stagnant culture into a dynamic, forward thinking, collaborative and focused business. In my most recent role, they worked with the senior leadership team to help us manage significant change and improve the way we work together. Our organisation now has a ‘joined up’ senior team who have the skills to navigate the changes we are experiencing, while helping those below them sustain focus and motivation. R&A’s style is very pragmatic – people have fun while they’re learning and, whilst not always the case, the learning sticks. You can call Karen Stone on 07970 868920 or email her at [email protected] for more info. I’d be happy to give you more detail if you require it. Good luck!


  8. Leadership Development
    Hi Julie – I would recommend a company called ‘G-A Training’. As you can imagine there are a number of companies that state that they can ‘offer’ Leadership training – I’ve used ‘G-A’ for around 5 years now (with 3 companies that I’ve worked for) and what I find with them is that when they meet you they actually ‘listen’ to what you’re telling them..i.e they don’t try to mould your idea into some convenient delivery package that they already have. This was important to me as the customer.
    Because ‘G-A’ are smaller than the large training corporates, I think their attention to Customer Service is second to none. I have used them for a Leadership Programme at my previous company and they provided me with a really workable programme and more importantly – measurable results. I have since used them here at Barton Willmore for other training including Business Report Writing.

    They are really worth a look Julie.
    A contact that I have is Greg Tindall [[email protected]]

    Hope this is of use

    Jono Hutt
    Training & Development Manager
    Barton Willmore Partnership
    0118 943 0026
    07847 118325

  9. Authentic Leadership Development
    Hi Julie,

    To engage all stakeholders to understand how they can make the right changes in your organisation, rather than to make the changes suggested or laid down by a (allbeit very well qualified and well-intentioned) leadership theorist, contact Neil Crofts ( ), who wrote Authentic Business (amongst other titles). He has worked with senior executives and management teams from some very high profile businesses to support them create sustainable and value-added change.
    I cannot recommend his facilitation highly enough.

    All the very best with your project,


    Reb Veale
    NLP Trainer
    Reveal Solutions
    [email protected]

  10. Leadership Development
    Hi Julie, I am currently implementing a Leadership Development programme which is halfway through at the moment. The company I have been working with is TSO Consulting Ltd. I would highly recommend them for bespoke and innovative ways of delivering Leadership Development. Their website is and the person to contact there is Rachel Bicker. If you would like to contact me to discuss aspects of the course that have been delivered I would be happy to talk you through this. [email protected].

  11. Leadership Development
    Hi Julie I have only just seen this post and I can already see that you have attracted a range of recommendations, many of which are known to me and all are very worthy of consideration. As a major buyer with a £ multi Million budget as Director of Learning and Development for Norwich Union I met many of the providers in the UK Market and attended numerous tender presentations. There are a lot of good organisations out there who will be able to offer a whole range of approaches but to a certain extent there will be a fair degree of similarity in the taught concepts although the method of delivery will vary from the traditional classroom, action learning based, blended approaches, experiential outdoor, etc etc. In my experience and aside from cost considerations the most important factor to consider is the issue of cultural fit – ie can you and your organisation work with the provider in a partnership of mutual respect. I have experienced fantastic presentations, innovative tenders, hugely impressive CVs and extremely sound academic rigour in the products being offered. At the end of the day could I see myself (and my internal population) working with these guys? At NU (now AVIVA) you can imagine we had the fire power we needed to employ pretty much anybody. We worked most effectively with a very small outfit (surprisingly) called Ethos. Two guys, Bruce and Gwyn (and a small bunch of associates) who rolled their sleeves up, really related to our senior leaders (up to and including Exec Directors of a top FTSE company), developed programmes to meet the needs of the group or team, worked in the moment and delivered exceptional results over a 5 year period. They have just won a further contract from the wider AVIVA business and if you are looking for pragmatic support at a cost which is much lower than some of the big name suppliers I can thoroughly recommend them and would happily put you in touch.
    Good luck with your search

    Paul Simpson
    [email protected]

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