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Leadership Ice Breaker


Can anyone recommend an ice breaker that would work well for 15-20 people exploring the subject of Leadership?
Tom Sandman

5 Responses

  1. what about juggling?
    If the session you are leading into – and your model of leadership for that matter – has an underlying theme or any connections with practice, learning and learning styles then a juggling session might fit the bill. This is the routine I usually follow:

    1. Say your introductory piece about leadership – this is the theory
    2. Now you are in a position to offer some experience of learning and practice
    3. do a quick dem of a three ball cascade – for about four throws only
    4. Ask them for their predictions for how long it will take them to do the same – these usually range form 10 minutes to several years
    5. invite them to give it a go – depending on preferred learning style they might like to start in different places: to watch others initially, to read some theory, to follow you in a one ball, two ball, three ball build up etc
    6. If there are any takers for the one, two, three routine then take them through that – you can slip in the inevitability of dropping the ball as part of gaining skill.
    6. Let the practice continue for around 10 mins, stand back and watch that ice break!
    7. Quick review and link to the next session and move on

    If you need any more info you can email on

  2. Walkabout exercise
    A good warm-up activity for the situation you describe is a walkabout.
    Invite the group to walk around. Each person should say hello to another group member, and perhaps two or three words, before moving on to the next person. After 30 seconds ask them to continue but to now act as a leader. After another 30 seconds continue but ask them to act as a great leader. And finally, ask them to act as the greatest leader ever.
    This usually breaks in to laughter. It is quick, energising and gives a little flavour of the topic.
    good luck!

  3. Great Leader Mimes
    I give workshops on creativity and leadership. Try asking each of them to silently choose a great leader they admire. Then ask them each to mime or mimic their leader or failing that to do a charade. After people have guessed who it is the person has to explain what it is about that leader they admire.

  4. Leadership Ice Breaker
    Hi Tom

    I have an ice-breaker that I use to get delegates’ minds on leadership at the very start of the course. It is a discussion-type exercise whereby they have to agree what attributes a good leader has. They will never agree because there are as many views as there are people!

    But it does focus their thoughts on the course to come!

    Let me know if you are interested.


    Phil Wheeliker

  5. Comment on Leader’s mime

    I really liked he suggestion on Leader’s mime and at the same time I am not sure that everone has their favourite leaders to mime or mimic. I would like to ask the auther of this game if he tried to mimic someone himself. 

    — Yours, Olga.


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