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Learning Microsoft Office Through Elearning


We are looking to introduce elearning into our organisation. After much assessment, we have decided to take a phased approach.

As part of the first phase, we would like to introduce elearning modules for Microsoft Office. 

Can anyone recommend a package and/or supplier who can provide Microsoft Office elearning (I am aware that Microsoft offer free modules, but we are looking for something more structured and intuitive)?

 Many thanks.

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  1. Microsoft Office elearning


    I would hesitate to offer a best solution but suggest you try a few different programs and suppliers. There are lots of things to consider, but just to start the ball rolling:

    • PC-based CBT or intranet-based?
    • has it got the ability to get just-in-time learning related to specific topics?
    • do you want usage and/or results tracked? into your own LMS system?
    • someone once said to me that it’s difficult for one package to be intuitive to all when we don’t all think the same! there’s some truth in this and you need to assess any package for its appeal to different learning styles
    • when you say structured, what do you mean? One of the issues with the latest version of MSOffice packages is their ability to change depending on what you are doing – it’s difficult to structure any training, when the screen and the way you use the package may be completely different
    • do you want it to tie in with any particular certification eg MOUS?
    • what accent is the audio voice-over? apparently, the majority of Brits dislike the US accent (!) – Irish accent goes down well with most English-speaking users
    • is the wording US-Engligh or UK-English?

    Is there going to be any other training to support this? In my experience, elearning on its own will work with a small percentage of users, but not the majority. 

    Good luck, Sue

  2. RE: Microsoft Office elearning


    Many thanks for your thoughts. 

    Absolutley on your wave-length… all of these questions and more form part of our assessment criteria. 

    It’s absolutely essential that we explore all angles in terms of learning styles, training needs, the product itself etc and that’s why I’m ideally looking for recommendations in terms of products/suppliers, so that we can really start the sifting process and determine whether this is the right approach for us.  Any recommendations in this area would be gratefully received!

    I guess it’s about testing out what the best of the best can deliver for us and that may result in us making the decision not to go down the elearning route at all.

    Thanks again for the advice.





  3. Online engine for elearning Microsoft stuff etc

    I work with a company (I sell their manuals but not their ‘engine) who do a system that can tailor the learning to the individual, really easily.

    I can’t do the sales pitch but I can say having seen the product, it is amazing how flexible it is. I love the content (hence selling their manuals). It’s an absolute knock out and the front end can be adapted for any kind of knowledge-based training.

    Drop me a message if you want me to introduce you.


  4. MS Office eLearning
    Hi there

    We had the same idea in 2005 – we wanted to introduce eLearning and used the introduction of a new version MS Office to get the ball rolling. After a detailed and rigourous tender process, we selected a provider called Jenison who provide a managed service (in our case, a hosted LMS called checkpoint).

    Their package of MS Office training is called Impetus and covers the full office suite. It has UK voice overs and is broken down into task focused modules which build up skills through a logical progression. It mimics the office environment and provides a safe learning environment where you can’t go wrong.

    We also found that is was highly cost effective compared to trying to rollout via the classroom to 5000 people nationwide!!

    If you find your roll-out is successful (as we did) and there is a pull from the business for more online material, you can easily add extra programmes to your suite of courses – Jenison offer lots of quality off the shelf material. We build our own stuff and host that via checkpoint too. You can track all the usage through simple reporting and check your roi etc

    Another benefit of the hosted solution is that your staff can access their learning 24-7 from any computer on the internet. Many of our staff choose to do this in their own time, which is great and seen as a perk.

    It is good value, entry level system provided by a small friendly company – highly recommend it as a starting point.

    Kind regards
    The National Trust

  5. Microsoft e-learning

     I know there are a lot of suppliers out there, and there may be issues as to whether you want 2003 or 2007, but a client of mine is currently looking at SkillGate and is not unhappy – so far.

  6. e-learning MS Office
    There is already a website with free training on MS Office called When you have completed the training you can go to any Learn Direct centre and take the exam (if you so wish).

  7. Can do!

    We can do this for you, although the time difference may be a killer! (we’re +8 GMT).  I suggest we use remote access to tutor individually, or if you have a group, a large screen and a speakerphone we can run a group session.

    Details are at:<a href=""></a&gt;.  OUr sytle is micro-training <a href=""></a&gt;.

    We specialise in customised corporate training solutions in ad-hoc environments so we can cater for a range of your needs.

    Mark Martin

  8. Microsoft e-learning


    Mavis Beacon is a great interactive cd-rom, its great for users with basic knowledge up to more advanced skills.

    Feedback from delegates has been really positive,  with some going on to complete the ITNVQ after growing in confidence.




  9. Re: MS Office Elearning

    Hi Kim,

    This certainly looks interesting and would get us off to a quick start.  I will defintely take a closer look.

    Many thanks for the suggestion.

    Kind regards,





  10. Re: Microsoft Office Elearning

    A big thank you to you all for your recommendations… a real variety with plenty for us to explore.

    Many thanks,




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Louise Clark

Education Manager

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