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Learning styles activities


I am introducing learning styles to delegates. After doing a learning styles analysis (Activist, Theorist, Pragramatist, reflector OR VARK), I would like some simple excercises (preferabl group-based) THAT WORK that demonstrate the value of considering learning styles. Any help much appreciated.
Ted Smith

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  1. simple exercise
    an easy way to get them to demonstrate their individual H+M style is to make a paper airplane has some good ones and place it in the middle of the table. Give them all a sheet of paper each and the following usually happens –

    activists run off ahead then screw their paper up when they cant do it

    theorists ask questions

    pragmatists do a bit look and then do a bit more

    reflectors do it slowly

    try it you will be suprised

  2. Learning Styles
    I have done something similair recently Ted. I got my group to split off into 4 smaller groups (ensuring we had a good cross-mix of styles in each) asked them to spend 15-20 minutes writing on flip-chart how they would structure a 1:1 with a particualir style i.e. Agenda, topics covered, duration of meeting, goals and objectives set etc.. we then, as one large group, talked about each smaller groups findings, and if at any point anyone found that the style they were structuring the 1:1 meeting for was not actually designed for that style the group could stop the speaker and question them, discuss whether that would work for an Activist etc.. How they may wish to change/adapt it and so on.
    It’s interesting to watch when people identify with their style how they suddenly recognise why running something, such as a meeting, setting objectives in another style, not their own, may not work effectively. Great for discussion.
    You can change the task to anything, such as deisgn a plane, plan a meeting, etc.. anything to suit the group you are training.

  3. Thanks, and more info please
    Thanks Craig. Do you put a ‘built’ aeroplane on the table? If so, are they allowed to disassemble it?

    Buffy. Not sure what you mean, sorry! The 1:1 is a meeting with an Activist / Refector etc? The agenda is to achieve what in the 1:1?

    Thanks to both of you.

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