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Listening Skills Quiz


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I need about 20 questions to test the listening of delegates i.e.
1) How many animals did Moses take onto the ark?
Moses didn't take animals onto the ark, it was Noah.
2) If a plane crashed on the borders of France and Spain, where would the survivors be buried?
You don't bury survivors.

These are the type of questions I need, kind of trick questions, but ones that check whether the delegates are really listening to me.

Can you help?
Need it for Wednesday 11th Dec.
Lisa Birch

6 Responses

  1. Try these
    Hi Lisa
    What about these ones…
    1. What country has a 4th of July, Britain or USA? Both have 4th of July
    2. Some months have 31 days, some have 30 days but how many have 28 days? All months have 28 days
    3. If you were alone in a deserted house at night and had a lamp, a fire and a candle and only had one match, which would you light first? None of the three, you would light the match first.
    Good luck


  2. Hello Lisa
    I have a few questions which you can use.

    Is there a law against a man marrying his widows sister? No, but to have a widow, the man must be dead.

    An archeoligist claims he has dug up a coin with 46 BC on it. Why was he a liar? BC means before christ. Who would have known that in advance.

    You are driving a bus into the city centre. At the start you have 2 passengers. At the next stop, 6 people get on and 1 gets off. At the next, 2 get on and 4 off. Three stops later a group of 12 children crowd onto the bus forcing an elderly lady to leave. Just before the terminus 1 nun gets on, 3 children get off, but one child gets back on when they realised they were at the wrong stop. The bus arrives at the terminus still with a number of passengers. To check how good your mental aritmetic is, what is the age of the driver?

    Answer. Delegates age. You are driving the bus.

    I hope these help and as I have just written a listening skills course I would appreciate any other exercises that you have used.

    You con contact me at [email protected]



  3. Listening Skills
    1. You drive a coach 2 miles with 3 passengers, at the first stop 1 passenger gets off and 5 get on. At the second stop three people get off and no one gets on. What is the name of the bus driver? YOUR NAME
    2. You take two apples from 7 apples, how many apples do you have? 2 APPLES
    3. How many species did Moses take onto the ark? NONE NOAH HAD THE ARK
    4. Two Americans come to the UK. One is the mother of the other ones son. What is the relationship between the two Americans? HUSBAND & WIFE/PARTNERS
    5. As I left the Hilton Hotel 2 German tourists, 5 Japanese tourists and 3 Swedish tourists were entering, how many people in total left the hotel? ONE – YOU

  4. Hope this helps you
    To do something a little different in more of an energiser format get the group to stand up in front of you. Fire some general questions at them (perhaps do after the quiz, if it was a sit down and write answers kind of thing, as a bit of a livener). Keep up a fairly swift momentum when you ask the questions at different people (keep it really upbeat) then as your final one ask the group to put their hands on their chins. At the same time as you say it put your hands in to balls and put your hands on your cheeks. (Make sure your hands go on your cheeks at the same time as you say chin).

    You can guarantee it that the majority of people will follow you – as they will respond to you visually rather than from listening to you.

    We can talk about barriers to listening but this exercise actually demonstrates it, rather than the normal blah, blah, blah……


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