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Looking for “Actors”


Does anyone know of a good company that can provide actors to role-play customers during in-company service training?


Liam Dolan

18 Responses

  1. Actors
    Dear Liam,
    Contact Tina Finch of Zinc 2000, with her other hat on she does a lot of work in theatrical productions and I’m sure that she can help you.

    [email protected] or 01753 645221

    usual disclaimers.



  2. Actors
    I can recommend a company called “Reality Reflected” they provide specially trained & briefed actors for all manner of in-house training/role playing, I know that they go to great lengths to audition the right people & use actors from the Royal Shakespeare company.

    The contact is Graeme Southam tel. 01756 748605 e-mail [email protected]

    Natalia Colman

  3. Looking for actors
    Dear Liam

    I was very impressed by a demonstration last year by a company called Alighn Ltd who use actors for role-play. They can do any scenario you suggest. They are used by the RSPCA for training new inspectors and we are going to use them this year for some in-house training. Steve Herbert is the Director at 12 Harley Street, London W1G 9PG or email [email protected] and their website is

  4. actors
    you could try Jo Ousten & co who use actors for a variety of courses etc. 020 7821 8299.

    could also try Sara Taylor of Theme Production Company who can provide you with actors. Sara:0370 616444

  5. Trying not to be blatant!

    Blue Beetle is a specialist Drama Centred Learning, with actors, role play and much more at the centre of everything done. Make sure, whoever you work with, uses not only excellent actors, but actors with plenty of real life and commercial experience. There are many training companies jumping on the bandwagon. [email protected] 01827 715378

  6. Actors contact

    I can thoroughly recommend that you contact Sarah Thurstan at Performance Link who are a group of established actors and actresses (TV and theatre experience) who specialise in exactly the need that you have.
    Contact Sarah by tel: 01524 34050 or email [email protected]

  7. Why not try The Best of The Fringe?
    My son, Ashley, a 1st year Drama & English student at Manchester University, took The Edinburgh Fringe by storm last year with the lead role in a play which received 5 stars from Three Weeks and which The Scotsman on-line considered Best of The Fringe. He was personally named. I am sure that he and his fellow thespians could help, once this year’s Edinburgh Fdestival is over. They might be just as good and certainly less expensive than mainstream providers!

    Contact via me on 01692-678260 or [email protected]

  8. Impromptu Ltd ~ Interactive Training Consultancy
    Dear Liam,
    I’m one of the directors of Impromptu Limited, a company specialising in the provision of professional role-play services. We employ actors and have a very experienced team who I am sure will be able to help you. Please drop my colleague Steve Harvey [[email protected]] a line (I’m away for the next two days) and he’ll be happy to forward any further details…

    We have a pool of actors well trained in role-plays for training.


    Bernie Stewart

  10. Actors in Training
    Hi Laim

    I have a contact – Janet Gordon @ EA Consulting
    20 Mortlake High Street London SW 14 8jn

    Her contact Tel – 020 8392 6670
    or e mail on [email protected]

    I would strongly recommend her skills as a Consultant/ Actress & NLP Master
    Hope it proves fruitful – All the best Tracey Rolfe

  11. actors

    All the above firms are great, as is AKT, tel 0207 495 4043
    talk to my mate ( professional colleague) Tim Bannerman.
    Here is another offer.
    I am an OD and change consultant, who has a theatre training, so if you ever want a one-of , single role player , with a great deal of organisational experience, do contact me at [email protected]
    good luck
    Angela Eden

  12. React – Acting For Business
    Dear Liam,
    We supply professional business actors for all types of training and assessment and development work. Please check our website or give me a ring on 01727 858508. We have a good deal of recent experience in Customer Service training – I am sure we can be of service.

    Regards, Miles Cherry.

  13. performing arts students
    Hi Liam, John Driscoll of Transformational Learning Consultants (TLC) Ltd. We are sited in Romford Essex and share facilities with Colin’s Performing Arts Limited who run a Diploma in Performing Arts and do a lot of work with school children. His actors range from 5 – 25 who also appear in London shows and do TV work. Colin has his own agency and he has done work for us at TLC. We are mainly involved in development work for the NHS and healthcare and his actors can really move learning on. E.mail me back if you want to take this further as I can see you have already generated a good response.

  14. Education and Equality Consultancy
    I know of an actor who has been involved in role play during the national diversity training programme for the Crown Prosecution Service. His name is Simon Binns, email ‘[email protected]’. He would know and have access to other freelance actors many of whom, like him have been on National TV, Theatre etc.

    Best wishes and good luck.

    Visions of Esteem Education and Equality Consultancy. 0121-681-9974
    email: [email protected]

  15. Try AFTAthought on 01517087774
    Specialists in training using actors. They are excellent.

  16. Two Acting Companies you may like to try….
    Hi Liam

    Are you still working in Hammersmith?

    I have worked with two companies: Steps role play on 020 7403 9000 and Interact on 020 793 4145.

    Good luck with the search

    Lorraine Norden

  17. Recommendations only please!
    Comment posters – thanks for your contributions. Please note that the policy for Any Answers is for recommendations of services other than your own, as other peoples experiences of services are more helpful to the reader. The editorial guidelines state that blatant self-promotional postings will be removed.

    Thanks for your co-operation.

    Stephanie Phillips
    Editor, TrainingZONE


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