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Magic Whiteboard – Dragons Den


Apologies to the non UK community who maybe didn't see this TV show.

The Magic Whiteboard claims to revolutionise the training room being a portable, reusable paper based whiteboard.

Some of my colleagues are keen to get them in and try them so I thought I'd ask the wider community what are your thoughts and experiences.

Many thanks

Garry Damant

10 Responses

  1. Great Product
    Didn’t see Dragon’s Den but bought Magic Whiteboard at World of Learning a couple of years ago and absolutely love it.
    It really is as good as they claim, although not as easy to clean as it might be if you leave it a day or 2 (maybe I should get more efficient at writing up session outputs). I say, give it a try – if nothing else, it serves as a great way to get delegates thinking talking at the start of a session.

  2. Re-usable flipchart
    I have some of this (or something remarkably similar which I thought was called reuseable flipchart paper). Anyway, it is glossy A1 size paper that sticks to walls, windows and boards. I thought I’d give it a go with a view to replacing flipcharts – for sustainability reasons – as well as having a easily moveable whitboard surface.
    Having tried it out I am not that impressed. I don’t like the grid lined version, it wrinkles easily, it leaves a shadow mark if you leave the writing on for more than a 20-30 mins and soon looks too shabby for anything remotely professional looking (about 5 times, not the 20 they claim).
    That said, if you just want a sheet or two to carry with you to a poorly equiped venue, it might have a place.
    Interestingly neither I nor any of my colleagues have placed a repeat order.
    I was rather hoping on Dragon’s Den that they would ask about repeat business. I suspect quite a few people might buy some sheets as an experiment but the real test is whether people make repeat orders.

  3. Looked great
    I thought it looked great and would certainly be useful in some venues where they don’t like you using blu-tack etc.


  4. Try it
    I have to say that I agree with some of the comments below but where I find it particularly useful is in venues where the old ‘don’t use bluetack on the walls’ is still rigidly enforced.

    It provides a great way of avoiding that, and allows for flipcharts to be displayed easily because they stick to the magic whiteboard.

    It is also better for doing some post-it exercises because I find that they regularly fall off the walls after a short while. If you use magic whiteboard as the base, they do not fall off at all.

    I have also used them for brainstorming sessions at home where I can cover both sides of the conservatory doors with 8 sheets and it gives me a great deal of wall space.

    Maybe not conventional, but it works.

    Hope that helps.

  5. Whiteboard
    Hi Garry
    I used this product a couple of times, I also agree with others that it has its shortcomings but its a good replacement instead of dragging your flipchart to places where they dont provide any training tools. So i would say it has its use.
    X C

  6. Large Post-Its
    Unfortunately I didn’t see it, but reading the replies here, I thought I’d post to recommend the large Post-Its. I have some huge ones that are almost A1 I think. You can leave them on the ‘pad’ which stands up on the table, or tear them off and stick them on the wall.

  7. Many Thanks
    Thank you to everyone.

    We have decided not to give them a shot at the moment, however circumstances do change and if I find myself back on the road I will invest in a packet or two for that just in case moment.

  8. Magic Whiteboard introduces more products
    This week I have noticed Magic Whiteboard have launched a new webpage with some new products. A Magic Blackboard, Magic Photo Paper and Magic Blackout.
    They also have a buy 3 get the 4th roll free – saving 25%
    They were also on BBC2 again on Theo’s Story tonight.


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