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Management Appraisals – How Are They Done?


We are revising our appraisal system.

We believe we need a separate appraisal system/form for our managers.

We would like to know how other organisations appraise their managers - separate scheme/360 degree tools/etc.

We would also like to know of any pitfalls we should be aware of in administering such a scheme, and to also know what, if any, additional training is required.
Martin Schmalenbach

6 Responses

  1. Performance Appraisal
    Unless and until you have a professional consultancy to assist you in the design and implementation of your performance appraisals then don’t go there. 360 appraisal with at least 5 respondents. Competence based-behavioural and threshold – must have. Must link to company strategy and be developed so that organisation outcomes are embedded into following year and outcomes are measureable …..a potential hazardous minefield for those not experienced or knowledgeable in the art of design, development and implementation of these systems.

    Do call if you would like such assistance.
    01844 238775.

    Do visit our web site where you will find a great deal of info on the subject of performance appraisal and 360…..

    best regards

  2. Management Appraisals
    I have developed and implemented a number of appraisal schemes over the years some of which have been for managers and others all staff. The type of scheme must depend on the company and the culture (current and desired). My experience of 360 degree is more limited as it was linked specifically to a personal development programme. Whatever the scheme my experience has been that training for appraisees and appraisors is key to its success. This is particularly the case with 360 degree as the feedback needs to be handled sensitively. I am happy to discuss this further if you want to please e-mail me [email protected]

  3. Management Appraisals
    I have experience of developing and delivering appraisal systems from scratch. On reflection I was reinventing the wheel! There are a number of models you can use. However, the essential item is to relate the system to both the functional needs of the organisation and its culture. I can give some recommendations should you wish to contact me. Telephone – 01423 772430 or email me – [email protected]

  4. fascinating subject
    I find this subject really interesting. Why do you feel that you need a separate system/form for managers? I have developed and used systems for various levels in varying organisations, and for various objectives – some for development, some for grading and reward. It is possible to operate systems with the same structure but different content, and for there to be more follow on planning after the appraisal for differing levels in the organisation. I would agree that 360 requires a professional approach to begin with and a fair amount of work to operate.
    As for training? Train all people involved to value the process and the outcomes in addition to the necessary procedural training. I am happy to talk about this area with you – call me 0161 875 0100.

  5. The basis of any appraisal
    The company structure and culture are very important in determining what is right for your organisation.
    My first question, however, is what is your starting point?
    Do ALL employees (Directors and Managers included) have job descriptions and ‘SMART’ Standards of Performance measures – and, if so, do they truly meet the objectives, have they been mutually agreed, are they well administered and used as the basis of appraisals?
    You may guess that this is something of a speciality item with us.
    Kind regards

  6. additional comment….
    If you wish to discuss further, please contact Tailored Business Solutions on 01525 634795.


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