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Management Development


Dear All

I'm hoping that Training Zone readers can help me with a few suggestions.  I've been asked to put together for a client a management development programme for different levels of managers.  Whilst I'm fairly confident of being able to provide much of this, I'm not experienced in other, more high-level aspects, and I don't think it would be fair on the client to pretend otherwise!  They seem to want me to oversee and co-ordinate the whole programme, including those aspects I'm not familiar with, but of course I'm concerned about how this would affect costs and how other providers would feel about this.  

Does anyone have any suggestions regarding good providers who would be flexible enough to accommodate this?  I'm open to all views!

Many thanks to you all for your help.

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  1. Management Development
    We offer a range of courses pitched at this level as well as courses on the distinct subject of corporate governance



    QED Training

  2. why not….
    Hi Christine
    Why not build a team of associate trainers/freelancers who can provide all the skills you are seeking but don’t add the extra communications chain and overheads of a bigger provider? If the client wants you personally to “oversee and co-ordinate the whole programme” it is a golden opportunity to create a real “top team!
    It has been done before and whilst it is more work for you than “just handing out one contract” it allows you far greater quality control across the board and would probably allow you to pay better dollar to the real designers/deliverers, hence allowing you to get real experts in a wider variety of fields
    I hope this helps
    PS if you do go for building your own team don’t forget me!

  3. Play to people’s strengths

    Hi Christine

    I agree with Rus. You could pull together a great team from freelancers on this site and produce some learning interventions that play to everyone’s strengths. Could I suggest that, once you have a few people interested (and I certainly am!), you let them know what areas you need support in and we could then suggest how we might fill in the gaps for you.

    Good luck – it sounds an exciting prospect.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Jenny James

  4. Management Development – with accreditation

    Hi Christine,

    Some great suggestions so far! I think you have a great opportunity here to demonstrate your ability to collaborate and bring the best of what’s out there together. What an amazing team that could be!

    The contributions I’d like to offer are 1) the opportunity to link the programme to management qualifications (we are an approved Chartered Management Institute centre) and 2) to help with a leadership coaching and mentoring element (I’ve just completed my ILM Level 7 executive coaching and leadership mentoring qualification)

    We can work in partnership either with those chosen to deliver modules, providing the assessment element or indeed  we can deliver elements of the programme to fill in the ‘gaps’. Happy to talk further on this, feel free to contact me at [email protected].

    At a minimum, I’m happy to bounce around some ideas as I have put together a range of different management development programmes over the years.

    Good luck and Best wishes,



  5. Management Development
    Contact Dorothy Foote of Leve 7 Live She works in a team of three and following a career as a university lecturer has now branched out in delivering consultancy services.

    Sandra Beale FCIPD

  6. Trust & Collaboration

    Christine – I might be in a similar boat to you in that I need to call upon others from time to time to support me on large projects.  If you look at my website, you’ll see from this page, that I have a group of trusted associates that I am proud to call upon, should specific expertise be required.  What is really important to me is that I trust these people – I know them, I’ve worked with them, I can vouch for their skill and their reliability.  Could you do something similar, i.e. approach people that you already respect/admire for their work in particular fields?  You might also want to think about your own project management skills and motivations – do you enjoy the co-ordination role that is being asked of you?  Luckily, one of my Associates is terrific at this, so really helps me in this aspect. 

  7. Collaborating

    Hi Christine

    I, too, would be interested in this type of opportuntiy. I have extensive management skills experience and have worked at senior levels within professional services firms. Fairly new to freelance, my last role was inhouse senior manager and I did a lot of organising, managing others and deadlines and budgets and would be happy to input to a team as an organiser as well as delivering training.

    As others have said, where do you see the gaps in what you can currently offer? I would also add:

    • where is the work being delivered?
    • what duration/s are the programmes? (eg would I be travelling 200 miles for half-days – might suit someone nearby, whereas 2-day residential, makes less difference)
    • what cover do you have for the elements you can deliver yourself?

    Best of luck


    [email protected]


  8. Management Trainer


    If you are going to put together a core croup of trainers/consultants then I would strongly suggest a Management training consultant called Kassam Jaffar ([email protected]) He has developed and delivered training for managers from the shop floor to the boardroom, covering soft-skills and procedures; managing attendance, poor performance, discipline, diversity, courageous conversations, leadership skills etc. I’m sure he would be happy to offer advice and be of help where he can.

    Good luck


    — TNA Ltd 11/13 High Street, Lewes, East Sussex, BN7 2LN Tel: 01273 476277 Mob: 07545 280138 Web site: Our web site carries summaries (with screen samples) of 150 bespoke, world-class eLearning projects including the award winning 3D

  9. Management Development


    Thank you so much to all those of you who’ve taken the trouble to reply – some really helpful suggestions and contact details!  I’m currently talking to the client and finding out more about this, so may well be in touch.  

    Thank you again!



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Christine Dunford


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