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Management Style – Just for fun!


 I'm putting together a very short 'Introduction to Management' session, and want to include management styles as 'food for thought'. I'm looking for something along the lines of the recent Businesszone article that likened Twitter users to the 7 dwarves. We will only be spending 10 minutes on this, and will probably use it as an ice-breaker, so please leave the meaty, validated leadership theories alone!

Thanks in advance for any help!

Sheridan Webb

Keystone Development

4 Responses

  1. Mgt Styles

    Like your 7! Transferable to other people and situations too!

    Have you thought about the quick 3 – power/achievement/affialiation and then the 5 types – autocrat/wheeler dealer/sleeping dog/democrat and bureaucrat? Fast moving and everyone spots themselves or others.It can be reconciled with or woven into your Disney characters too!

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  2. Management learning styles

    Not an article but some learning styles I have used to lighten things up a bit although some people now struggle with the original series characters mentioned if they have not seen the re-runs (showing my age):

    Activist – Kirk – shoot first, see if they are friendly later

    Reflector – Dr McCoy – I need more time to run these tests Jim! 

    Theorist – Spock – We’ll Jim I need to work out the logical approach for this situaiton………

    Pragmatist – Engineer Scotty, I’ve only got a stick of gum and a bottle top but give me 5 minutes and I’ll have the engine running again Jim.


    Warp factor 7 – make it so……





  3. Management Safari~the Big 5

    The Management Safari Big Five

    Animal Kingdom management types


    1. The Leopard

    Solitary and highly territorial, aloof and aggressive. Makes kills on a regular basis but doesn’t share the results. Will steal from others.  Will kill other leopards, especially the young, to protect it’s own future. Frequently hunts by stealth but is also fast and ruthless.

    2. The Elephant

    Big and powerful, never forgets a failing, error or insult.  Is able to ignore barriers due to its power and thick skin. Normally relatively placid but occasionally falls out with the others and goes rogue. Lives long and doesn’t move around much, tending to stay in one area.

    3. The Meerkat

    Spends most of it’s time looking out for danger and making sure that everyone gets the warning, even when it isn’t justified.  Tends to panic. A bit of a self obsessed prima donna, constantly moaning about new technology; doesn’t like comparisons.

    4. The Giraffe

    Stands head and shoulders above everyone else. Very far sighted.  Sociable creature, placid and a threat to no one.  Can move very fast when it is necessary. Occasionally a bit ungainly but is well adapted to its environment; can have its head in the clouds but well able to browse low hanging fruit. Often has trouble with #1.

    5. The Hyena

    Laughs a lot.  Sociable animal looks after its young and other members of the group.  Stands up to the bullies.  Clears up the messes left by most of the predatory species.  Usually goes for the line of least resistance to conserve energy.

    Rus Slater



  4. Question Of Sport

    …style (Picture Number board thing)

    Pictures of various leaders (historical, fictional, whoever – I’d avoid Hitler though, he tends to dominate discussion), hidden behind numbers (PPT or good old paper and blutack!). Individuals or pairs or groups pick two numbers, revealing their leaders. They then have a discussion about the good AND bad points about working for them, feed back to rest of the group.


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Sheridan Webb

Training Design Consultant

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