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Managing Across International Cultures


 Hi All,

I am developing a two day workshop on managing across internal cultures for an oil and gas exploration organisation. Whilst I am happy with the research and the theory, where I am struggling is having some really high impact learning activities or exercises for the group (around 12 middle managers).

All donations gratefully received.


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  1. Cultural Communication – Awareness – Management
    Hi Alec,

    Read your ad with great interest. My colleague delivers a wide range of courses in these subjects and I told him about your entry over lunch today! He makes the following comments and “donations”…….

    I see from your entry that you have done some research and assume you have read the ground breaking “Riding the Waves of Culture” with Charles Hampden Turner? It provides a real spring board for various fun exercises!

    In terms of my training I have used:-

    Quizzes on body language from a western and NON western perspective.If I put two thumbs up to you in Manchester it means ok.In Peru,please forgive me, it could be xcz off! Why do Arabs sometimes stand much closer to us than others? Why did a large number of Japanese people come off the big dipper in Toyko,exported from the west, with head injuries?(somebody had overlooked the fact whilst Americans/Europeans using the roller coaster ride in Blackpool might shout and scream,Japanese people in large number don’t do that!). A Big Mac in Moscow is a status symbol, in London a throwaway item etc etc
    Case studies – why was an American professor annoyed when Indian students wrote to him asking him to speak to them about anything at all? Issues around we accord status
    Protocols around meet and greet, diet, touching,resolving conflict etc etc
    Self classification of “types” in the room – why do people in this group (a) not get on with this group (b).Critically, what do the “a’s” have to do to get on with the “b’s” – AND c/d – and vice versa all round
    You the jury exercises – where I introduce delegates to real cases where real people have gone to court against each because of CULTURE clash. What did the courts say? What’s your view I ask the delegates
    Exercises on the economic benefits of understanding culture – the pink/brown and silver ££££ etc
    The demographic time bomb and culture
    Managerial person specification for managing people from different cultures
    How an organisation can have a “culture” and impart it to the “individual” -and vice versa
    Exercises around ASSUMPTIONS and PERCEPTIONS with pictures. How people from one country might see a picture differently than others

    Hope some of this helps!


    QED Training

  2. roleplay

    –Have you thought about using scenario based roleplay for the practical sessions? Using actors is a really powerful tool to bring theory to life and uncover the real people to people issues. Also great for generating discussion on best practice in feedback sessions. We have used talkvoices roleplay ( they are really excellent and have delivered roleplays on diversity.


    Hope this is of use.


    TNA Ltd 11/13 High Street, Lewes, East Sussex, BN7 2LN Tel: 01273 476277 Mob: 07545 280138 Web site: Our web site carries summaries (with screen samples) of 150 bespoke, world-class eLearning projects including the award winning 3D

  3. Cultural game
    At an event the other day we did an exercise called Cultural Connections – it was a simple card game going round the room, making links with international cultural content. Hard to explain – but (oh dear, all my comments today seem to be commercial, but I can’t help it!) – it’s for sale on my site. 🙂

    Drop me a message if you would like more details, it’s inexpensive (I think) and very easy to use.


  4. Cultural Training Exercises

     Hi Carolyn,

    Thanks for replying. I think the cards you are refering to may be Cultural Connections by RSVP Designs – of which I have a set so thansk for the feedbakc on their use.


  5. Cultural Training Exercises

     Hi Joy,

    Some great sites with wizzo ideas. Thanks for pointing out.


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