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Managing Poor Performance


I am writing a course on managing poor performance and am needing some activites to include into the course otherwise it is just a presentation. Can anyone help?
Jasmin Athwal

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  1. Managing poor Performance
    Hi Jasmin

    I run a Managing Poor Performance course that is highly particpative and involves several good group activities. Too much detail to go into here but if you would like to e-mail me at [email protected] I will be happy to share some ideas with you.

    The most important thing is understanding the audience you are working with and the way that they currently assess performance so that you can tailor the event to their world of management.

    Happy to help if I can.

    Jan Springthorpe

  2. Model the behaviour you want
    Hello Jasmin,

    I totally agree with Jan’s comments. You need to model the behaviours you want your participants to display. As such, you’re workshop needs to be more interactive than telling. I have some activities if you wish to email me.

    There’s also an article of mine “Is there a better way to give bad news” on my website at

    Please let me know if I can help.


    Bob Selden
    Author, What To Do When You Become The Boss”

  3. Managing poor performance activities

    we cover this in an introduction to management workshop & for me the key thing is to focus on giving/receiving feedback. So many managers let examples of poor performance slide as & when they happen, as feedback seems too much or too difficult. So I’d deliver a short session where you introduce feedback techniques. Then split them into smaller groups to practice. Ideally you’d have 3 in a group, one giving, one receiving, one observer. And they rotate roles. I’d ask them to use the opportunity to practice feedback they’d like to give back in the workplace. Plus maybe provide a few written scenarios for those who can’t think of an example.
    I’d probably introduce coaching at some point during the day – especially coaching in the moment techniques. Again split them up to practice. After you’ve introduced other essentials -perhaps based on the organisations policies, e.g. supervision/1:1s/appraisals. I’d finish it off with a acse study activity. Write up a brief with lots of examples of a team performing poorly (use examples that reoccur in their business if possible). Split into groups & ask them to develop a 6 month action plan to improve the performance of the team. They can feedback to the main group.

    Good luck with it all,


  4. performance management

    Hello Bob

    I was searching back through Training Zone anc came across the post on peformance management. You mention some activities you have would it possible to email them to me

    [email protected]

    Also have found your What to do when you become the boss an excellent resource particularly the stuff on delegation and developing initiative

  5. Managing performance

    Hi Bob

    I’m currently developing a short session (2hr) on performance management and during my research came across your generouse offer of some hands-on activities to support this.

    I would love to receive a copy, please. My email is [email protected]

    Many thanks 

    Susanne Lee


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