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Marketing Training Courses


I have just started a training company with a colleague and we are struggling to get any business. We are providing training to the health care sector and our flagship course is called New to Care and its for young people and adults who want to join the health care sector. Can someone help me with some ideas on how best to market this course please. Thanks.

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  1. ask who is going to pay for this….


    You mention your flagship course, New To Care.  Question: who is going to pay for this course? The employer won't….if it is as you say aimed at people who want to join the care sector.  The attendees probably won't….because a) they are likely either unemployed or b) the culture in the UK is not for individuals paying significant amounts for work related training.

    So you are probably left with the employment service or possibly a healthcare recruitment agency (the latter is relatively unliklely as they tend to want care people WITH experience).

    Making the presumption that you haven't got a big budget, the next question is, have you actually written a marketing plan or marketing strategy? If you haven't then there is a very useful little template here that you can get for free.

    I hope this helps



  2. A Few Thoughts


    A few thoughts spring to mind.

    1) Anyone wanting to join the Health Sector as a Nurse, Doctor, Scientist etc will know what to do and will not need a course.

    2) Anyone who wants to be a Carer, Cleaner, Driver, Porter has very little chance of a job as they are all being cut and most are now done by agency staff.

    3) I am imagining you selling this company idea on Dragons en. What would Duncan Bannantyne say? I'm oot!

    My advice would be to choose an area that is booming rather than one shedding jobs. 

    "How to speak Mandarin" would probably make money.

  3. Care sector training

    Hi there as a L+D Design Manager within the care sector i can say a few things with certainty. Firstly the Care sector is not ditching jobs in fact the care sector is so short of applicants a large number of providers are looking over seas. Any move to bring younger people into care should be praised.

    Which brings me on to your point about Marketing your course firstly it must hit minimum regulatory requirements for the sector. Secondly it better have some pretty high quality facilitators. Training within the care sector is notoriously poor and i have turned away any number of providers who have failed to provide consitent high quality training.

    As for who is going to pay for the course well i would suggest that the government will pay. If you look to utilise the new/old Traineeships the governement are developing there will be significant funding available if you take 16 to 18 year olds on this will almost certainly prove a good and regular source of income for you. allowing you some breathing space to market other products.

    If you don't target this market you won't have a market as Care providers are expected to provide all new to care colleagues with training around regulatory requirements

    Hope this helps


  4. How is it delivered?

    Hi – Assuming it meets regulatory requirements – how do you deliver the course ? This is important also, as it will impact on how you target your customers. Is it elearning, face-to-face, blended learning, paper-based distance learning or other format ? Each has an impact on costs and time to the purchaser.

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