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Mentor Training: For New Employee Mentoring Program


I am conducting a training course for new mentors at my company. A while ago we introduced a mentoring program for new employees. It is a very simple program that lasts for three months and is designed to assist new employees settle into the workplace. The mentor is simply there to provide support, answer any questions and perhaps to pick up on any issues.

What I was looking for was some ideas for good games/activities for this course, specifically when looking at the role of the mentor and techniques such as building rapport, guiding them and having empathy.

If anyone has any suggestions I'd love to hear them!

Sally Poyzer

5 Responses

  1. building trust and guiding people literally
    The sort of exercise that springs immediately to mind might be a blindfold exercise, where the mentor has to guide the blindfolded mentee through an obstacle course whilst at some distance.

    The sort of issues that could be raised at the discussion afterwards could centre on: building trust, communication, seeing things from their perspective (right/ left/ large steps/ small steps), and gaining feedback from the mentee (do they feel they are going in the right direction).

    Depending on the group, you might want to preceed this exercise with a similar exercise where someone closes their eyes and is led around a room (everyone in pairs in a small room can bring up lots of learning) – particularly interesting is how they lead someone (one hand on each shoulder, with close physical contact is usually the most effective method).

  2. Mentoring

    I am conducting research into Mentoring on behalf of a well-known university and would love to talk to you about your experience of it in your organisation.

    Would it be possible for you to email me at [email protected] in the first instance, so that I can provide more details confidentially?


  3. Follow-up training for Mentors
    Hi Sally…by now you prpbably have a host of responses to your request. I hope so. If you are interested in follow-up training for Mentors and their proteges, then we run a two-day event called ‘The Journey’. It takes place over a 15km trail in Wales, and offers each half of the relationship the opportunity to build on the way they work and learn together. Let me know if you’d be interested. Regards, Tim Kemp

  4. Activity for mentor training
    Hi Sally
    I’ve run lots of mentor training over the years and written packs/materials, so you’re welcome to pick my brains: [email protected].

    One activity I like helps people to understand the complexity of ‘telling your story’ to someone else. Pairs back to back: one has an abstract diagram and has to relay this ‘data’ to the other, who reproduces it on a sheet of paper, but can’t ask questions. After about 5 minutes, have a discussion about results, strategies, assumptions etc. Very useful to have some observers too. (Tip: don’t let them see the original/know it’s not text beforehand!)

    Good luck!


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