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Mobile L&D Application


My aim is to create a dynamic application that will support all areas of Learning and Development. It is more about build an information based application so everything is on-hand where required.

This is to include:

  • Icebreakers & Energisers
  • Training Tips
  • Support Tips
  • Coaching Tips
  • many more...

I will eventually plan to support the following:

  • Android (Initial test platform)
  • Android Tablet
  • Blackberry
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • WebOS (Palm/HP)
  • Web Application (Online and constantly up-to-date)

I will be looking for some support on content, testing and any other input.

If you would like to have an active role in supporting this tool then please let me know.

9 Responses

  1. Word of caution

    Hi IT

    Don’t want to be pessemistic but much of what you are trying to do already exists.

    Skill Pill have a huge amount of content and youtube is a great source of info. As are many training websites…

    I would also imagine that anything of any use would be extremely expensive to produce?

    I agree that it’s a great idea but in the words of Duncan Bannatyne…it won’t make you any money so…"I’m Oot"

  2. Agreed (Well almost…)

    I agree this would be a project that would have competition  but my aim is to just have a useful source of information to hand and not to make money.

    It would be an open-source application with input from anyone who wants to take part. So pretty much community driven.

    The advantage with this as well in comparison to some is I plan to make the application Offline so no network connection is required to use and access content and those areas that are will be cached locally.



  3. Community


    I’m a big believer in Community…wish there were more of them in fact!

    However…some posts on here get 1000+ hits and 1 or 2 answers…the problem with communities is only a few people activlely participate. Same with Linkedin groups and Training Journal groups etc

    I do think there is a market and need for tiny podcasts or short videos, tips of the week etc…so much out there its almost impossible to find the time these days…

    Another problem with Training tips is what might be a good idea for me or you would not be great for someone else so you would only have a following who liked your style?

    Think you should do one and we can all have a look! ūüôā


  4. Next Step…
    The reason i was looking for community support is exactly what you mentioned above about the content being suitable for all tastes.

    I might throw the mobile site version together first as this will be cross-platform compatible straight away. I just feel the same as yourself that there is a lot of content, some mobile and some not so much.

    This is a test project to hopefully bring a mobile platform for more catered support. For example i work for a multi-client company so each client would have a dedicated application.

    It is not going to break the bank and is not for profit as yet.

  5. Excellent


    Thanks for the info.

    I will make sure to check these sources out for more information when I next can.



  6. and the sting in the tail..

    Just be very careful of copyright

    making an application opensource is one thing – but allowing people to publish their own content etc is dangerous – as you will have the legal responsibility to check it is not copyrighted!

    seeing as 95% of all training material is based on one publication or another I would say be very afraid.

    talk this through with a copyright lawyer before you make anty more progress


    ps – saying you do not want it to make money is all very well, but have you considered the costs of high levels of traffic when you get successful? For example my small site rapidbi gets so much traffic for some of my content that hosting is now a serious cost as the smaller "packages" even though they say "free unlimited bandwidth" is not really the case

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