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Monitoring and Evaluating


Currently, I am working on editting our Monitoring and Evaluation section of the training program. I have read a few books and looked at websites but the more I look the more confused I get. We want to include training indicators that are clear and measurable. Has any one found ways to do this? We also want to have this section be simple and to the point. Does anyone have examples they can share? Resources they recommend? Advice they can offer? I am stuck at the moment and need some guidance. Thanks for your time and suggestions in advance.

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    I have requested information and assitance from several people but no one seems to be able to direct me in the right direction.

    I really need some advice. I am stuck! Has anyone else been in this situation. How did you get out of it? Anyone help you?

    I think as a Trainer, this is generally the less favored area we like to focus on. Has anyone spent time on this section? What worked best for you?

    I hope there is some one out there that can help. I am looking for direction…

  2. Monitoring and Evaluation

    The method I use has 5 stages

    1. Training request form. This specifies the training required, what company, department and individual objectives it relates to, what targets are there for 3, 6 & 12 months after training. By tying in to company and department objectives we can create the ‘Golden thread’
    2. First training evaluation. The ‘Happy sheet’ which is given out 1 week after the course. This looks at the provider, the delgates impressions and asks for 3 things they learnt
    3. Second training evaluation. Takes place 3 months after the course. by now the 3 monthy target should have been acheived
    4. Third review. At 6 months
    5. Fourth review. After 12 months

    The delegate has a sponsoring manager, usually their own, who has the responsibility of reviewing the training and giving the review, in our case usually at the monthly 1:1 sessions. I will issue the forms electronically to both manager and delegate before the review is held, keeping a record of forms issued and chase if they have not been returned. This also allows me to provide statistics of how good people are at returning the documents and showing my effectiveness (trumpet blowing is allowed). The returned documents then have the information transferred to a spreadsheet for record purposes, thery are also printed onto the subsequent evaluation forms. An edited copy of the form is also sent to the provider.

    I hope this helps. If you want any further information please contact me by leaving a message on the message board.

  3. Thank you…
    Thanks for your suggestions and offer to help. I will be working on developing further our program next week.

  4. Some questions…
    I have some questions for you based on the 5 stages. So for Stage 1, I will write the number and the questions I have regarding this stage, etc.

    1) For stage 1, does this process relate to in-house training or training organized by company personnel? Does your company do mostly in-house training? We are currently organizing more on-the-job training and internal workshops because of the current financial crisis.
    In the training request form, who specifies the “targets”? Is this the manager, the trainee, you, or a combination? Can you provide a few examples of these targets?

    2) First Training Evaluation. Your organization does not do an evlauation the concluding day of the course ? If not, what are the reasonings/rationale for this? I am just curious to know why and what you have found from professional experience regarding the evaluation given at the end versus waiting a week for the first one.

    End of Questions.

    Your method seems to have a strong accountability factor. I believe it allows you to monitor and account for the training over a period of time and see the worth of the training. When you set up this system, was it based on your professional experience? Did the company have it in place? What was the inspiration and justification behind its development?

    Thanks again for your assistance…

  5. Monitoring and Evaluation
    Hi Brie

    Stage 1 relates to both external and internal courses. We do a mix of internal and external but I do not include on the job or 1:1 training, just things from my budget.

    Targets are agreed by the line manager and student, I only make sure they are realistic. Targets must be measurable and realistic for example:
    – 3 months; Hold 10 successful meetings, success will be measured by how many members are brought on and what level of relationship is developed
    – 6 months; Hold 25 successful …
    – 1 year; Hold 50 ….

    We do not do a same day evaluation as most delegates are in a rush to get away and doing one later on gives them time to ponder the course and consider their replies. Extenal providers do evaluate the same day but we have no access to these so we cannot judge their abilities.

    This system is an evolution of the one I inherited with enhancements based on my managers experience and knowledge I gained from a training course.

    I am accountable to the whole company and justify it as aligning training to company ploicies, objectives and values thereby giving the best value for money.

    If you would like to see examples of the forms I use please contact me

    Best wishes

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