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Negotiation skills


Can anyone recommend a practical training exercise to help employees practice the skills of negotiating. The employees are buyers and sales staff.
terry westwood

12 Responses

  1. Negotiation Skills
    Have you considered using Monopoly? I used it in Cuba a few years ago and even with the use of interpretors it worked very well. It can be a a lenghy exercise say, two hours in total? Instead of paying a standard price for landing on a site, players have to negotiate a price and various deals/packages etc. You can basiclly make your own structured rules up but use Monopoly as as the basis of the exercise.

    I placed a time limit on the game of two hours, one and a half hours to play the game and a half hour for feedback. Teams are given a set amount of money and whoever has the most assets at the end of the game wins! It is very interesting to watch!

    Hope this helps.

    Steven Rowe

  2. Role Reversal
    There a are variety of games and exercises out there to bring out the key learning issues around negotiation – But I’d like to come at this a different way.

    I don’t suppose that the Buyers and Sales Staff are training at the same time? If they are then I would orchestrate a role-reversal. The key to negotiating is not just to have an outcome in mind, but to have an understanding of the situation form the other persons perspective. Reversing their natural roles with a simple role play based on their real work will achieve this.

  3. To Ann Lunn
    Thanks for responding to my request. Can you provide contact details i.e. tel or e-mail. Or alternatively you can contact me on 07771 653652

    Many thanks

  4. more on monopoly
    Yes I agree – Monopoly is a good tool. When I have used it I’ve allowed mergers and joint ventures in the rules. It is good for the bargaining bit “if – then”. Key areas in negotiating are building up a rapport and using listening skills to find out what the other person is thinking.

  5. Put $ On It!
    I was in a negociation class and the instructor gave each person $1.00. Then, he paired us and said we had to use our negociation skills so that one person ended up with dollars, but it had to be a win-win outcome. He encouraged us to negociate a talent/skill/favor. For example, I ended up with my partner’s dollar when I agreed to design her resume. This is quick and fun. I hope this helps you.

  6. Playing for Real?
    Each participant puts (say) £5 of their own money into the pot.
    Divide into two or more groups, each, ideally, working in a different room.
    Each group will decide a charity that will get that group’s money.
    The trainer could decide the beneficiary if the groups don’t, or, if any groups don’t decide, that group is ‘disqualified’ from negotiating.

    One representative from each group will then negotiate for why their choice should be the collective choice.
    This could be (silently) observed by all participants.
    There could be breaks for the separate groups to discuss strategies, process, principles, or even to change their representative.

    Time boundaries, break-outs, additional ‘rules’ could be decided by the facilitator.

    The default choice could be picked from a hat.

    All moneies to be collected in advance, those who choose not to put money in can only observe process – and any other variation on the theme.

  7. Excercise called Stonehenge
    Hi Terry
    If nobody has mentioned this already there is a negotiation ex called Stonehenge which is quite effective and fun. Used to be produced by either Gower or Wyvern training. Hope you can track it down.
    Anthony Aggett

  8. Harvard Business School
    I have seen on the HBR website that they sell a pack of Negotiation Skills Exercises. It’s not cheap and has to be shipped, so I have bought it?

    Has anyone used it / have comments on it?

  9. This is simple yet very powerful

    I use the reds and blues activity a lot – over 80 times in the last two years, and this is an excellent way to explore the dynamics of negotiation.

    A equal favourite is a three part two team activity that centres upon negotiating around the best definition of, and preconditions for, successful negotiation.

    The outcomes of this are amongst various downloadable freebies on negoation on my website:

    Get in touch at [email protected] and I will pleased to send the three task activity mentioned above.

    Good luck.


  10. Negotiations

    One good way is for them to have a roundtable discussion on types of negotiations they are involved with on an everyday basis, like buying a car.  They can talk about worked for them and what turned them off.  For the debrief, you could talk about how these same skills could be transferred to their business.  — cvh


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