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New Sales Strategy Lounge



I'm organizing a new sales trategy semianrs and I'm having the challenging task to find the best suitable game or exercise aiming to create a team building athmosphere in the sessions....

The group will be of 15 people maximum as this is going to be a road show around the country...I'll be very grateful if you could help me with this challenge witha fresh idea

Thank you a lot in advance,


Blizoo Bulgaria

4 Responses

  1. Icebreakers and teambuilding

    Hi Darina

    My opinion on your question is…

    If your event is informative, motivational and interesting then then the spirit of the team will be a natural part of the event rather than "the funny bit at the start"

    The fact that you have asked for advice on "tfbats" suggests that you regard this as the most important part of the day?

    If you get "tfbats" from a message board suggestion or even worse, a book of "icebreakers" it will almost certanly look and feel like something out of a book or from a message board so by not doing it your event will get off to a better start.

    My suggestion woukld be to throw away the rule book that says you need to warm them up and get them to bond and focus your mind on why they are there and how the event can make them more interested in working for you.

    "tfbats" is generally the most unfunny part of the day and should be avoided…in my opinion.

    Best wishes









  2. is teambuilding pertinent?….if so here is a small suggestion

    Hi Darina

    Sorry to start by asking you a (rhetorical) question, but…

    …is it really appropriate to go for something that builds teams?  Many sales people (and I fully appreciate that I don’t know what type of people you are delivering this to or whether they come from one or many organisations) compete with each other so the last thing they actually benefit from is a team approach.

    If you simply wish to use team dynamics on the day to further the engagement and output of the delegates this is of course a totally different matter and wholly appropriate.  Whilst you can always allow people to bond naturally, as Steve suggests, this takes some time and you may not have that time on a one day road show.  If that is the case I’d suggest using group tables, to which YOU allocate people (different coloured name badges, badges relate to table colours, for example)

    Get each table to take ten minutes at the beginning of the day to agree their team table name and logo/motto/slogan.  This is less forced than a "game" which might "upset" some people who may question the point of such an activity.

    Then use the table groups for your content related activities throughout the day.  This has worked well for me in the past with groups where there was no natural affinity.


    I hope this helps 


  3. Thanks!

    Thanks a lot to both of you, its going to be a train the trainer actvity and the participants are regional sales managers and city managers, so I really thank you for the good advices, you’re absolutely right that a normal ice breaker or something will not have a god effect…I think I’ll use the suggestion with the different coluor badges and the good thing is that the new sales and marketing strategy involves 3 different coluors ,

    Thanks again for your good feedback,



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