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New Team coming together from Old


Bit of a paradox. I am putting together a training course that will raise awareness of a team's awareness of each other.They are all going to work in a new call centre and are drawn from different pockets of the organisation on a multi site operation.So they know their bits,they might know some of their "new" colleagues and they might not. They are having variousd courses but this is a bonding day to lay foundations of trust ,support etc. I did think of a SWOT analysis to start with but does anybody have any other bright ideas for good exercises or buzz activities.I must keep the day active I think??

Thank you

jennifer topping

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  1. new team from old
    we’ve found that Tuckmans team performance model together with SDI is a very effective approach – happy to talk you through it in more detail. especially how we’ve used it with call centre teams.


  2. create a vison
    Hi Jennifer,
    there is a tool for teams to evaluate their relationship with other teams-it may be OK for your programme as it provides the opportunity to look at benefits/potential problems.
    Alternatively you could split the team into two and discuss the benefits of coming together and potential problems they could face.
    You could also ask the groups to create an annotated pictorial illustration of how they wish to work together.
    this can be converted to “how we want to work together” word or picture document.

    feel free to contact me if you wish to discuss
    Good luck

  3. Team Building
    Hi Jennifer
    I don’t know if you have any budget to spend externally on this? – but Mobile Team Challenge have some fantastic mobile kit which you can rent for a day and they can site it in a meeting room and it can deliver almost 200 experiential learning activities. They’re GREAT fun and brilliant Team building activities. I also suggest that you include FISH! somewhere – again shows how to delight and involve the Customers in the FUN of work. If you want any further details please e-mail me or look at the Mobile Team Challenge link from my web site.

  4. Blindfold exercise
    One exercise I have come across is to divide the group into pairs (who don’t know each other). Give each pair a blindfold. One participant is blindfolded, and their partner leads them somewhere. After 5 mins (or however long you want it to last), the blindfold is swapped, and the other participant leads their partner back again. It builds trust and creates a buzz. A good one to do just after lunch.

  5. Arian Associates Ltd
    We use a team game called the EGGCERCISE which involves the use of raw eggs. It will definately keep your people entertained and allow them to work in groups and have some fun into the bargain.

    Just email us and we’ll send you a copy
    [email protected]

  6. INTERACT with a teambuilding game
    Hi Jennifer

    Have you thought of using a game to facilitate your session? Its beauty lies in the fact that it can be used effectively (in a fun, but non threatening way) to bring groups together.If they didn’t know one another before the day began they certainly will at the end. It’s more about opening dialogue and breaking down barriers though and not so much about running around. If this appeals contact me [email protected].

    Good Luck

  7. activity
    My suggestion would be to run a simple profiling session where people are categorised (as in a ‘Belbin type’ profiling session) and they learn each others preferred communication styles (and their own) whilst learning what is good and bad about each category from their individual/team point of view. They have fun, learn about themselves and others and improve their communication tools – three birds with one stone!
    Bon chance!


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