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New Title for Learning and Development


Our department has just changed it's title from HRD to Learning and Development but we are struggling to find a way to distinguish between the 'technical' L&D department and 'non technical' L&D Dept. Any ideas?
Kate Lockett

5 Responses

  1. New Title
    Kate – you maybe need to provide a little more detail, I have read your question twice but intepreted it differently both times.

    However, for what its worth it never seems a good idea to label something by what it isn’t, rather than by what it is (‘non-teaching staff’ always makes me laugh, though it’s actually a bit insulting)

    Is it very important to separate them? Perhaps some of the users of the ‘non’ part would be able to come up with an appropriate title (if it matters that much to them).

    I work in a health setting and all the non-clinical stuff is branded as ‘corporate’. It covers a multitude of areas and is inoffensive enough.

    Not sure if this is what you want but its a start.


  2. reply to answer
    Thank you for your answer Colin.

    To clarify, I work for an Emergency Service Government Agency which provides practical search and rescue training (the technical part) and behavioural and managerial training (the ‘non technical’ part) for it’s employees.

    Our team feels the lesser party due to the ‘non technical’ label but cannot think of an alternative description for our team. Hope that makes more sense.


  3. L&D function title
    I am not a fan of seperating out different L&D types but I know it can be useful on some occasions.
    Taking my lead from what you have said, and yet still trying to give a small sense of connection, how about:
    1. L&D: search and rescue training
    2. L&D: management and interpersonal skills
    That is about as good as it gets on a Friday afternoon!

  4. Change of name?
    Hi Kate

    I know this may sound silly but….. what about something really simple like Management Learning & Development or Behavioural Development Department or how to improve the mind and not the technical stuff.
    Sorry for the last one. Hope it made you smile and the rest was useful.

  5. It depends…
    Hi Kate,

    I like Graham’s idea (hi Graham) and would like to offer some alternatives on a similar theme. Having worked a lot with the Fleet Air Arm (on both technical & non-technical) I’ve found the term ‘specialist’ can be helpful for the ‘technical’ stuff. Hence you might like to have ‘Training for ‘Specialists’’ and Training for ‘Managers’…some alternatives…

    Specialist L&D
    Leadership & Management L&D

    Technical Specialist L&D
    Management Specialist L&D

    SAR Technical L&D
    SAR Management L&D

    You might like to use an alternative approach…List out all the course you are (or might) deliver, then group them into ‘technical’ & ‘non-technical’. Now look at all the course titles & start to list out words that ‘sum up’ that group. Once you have a list of half dozen or so, start to combine the words in the list & see what new insights & patterns start to emerge. Eventually you should come up with an all embracing title that meets your needs!

    Good luck!



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