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New trainers Meeting


Hi All

I am holding my first team Meeting with my regional trainers following my new job and want to give them a bag of goodies to take back with them (training related).

I would appreciate some cheap ideas.

Thanks in advance

neil pearson

4 Responses

  1. Supermarkets

    My opinion would be research your ideas first then look at your local supermarkets. We find that supermarkets offer more cost effective versions of branded products.

  2. a few ideas
    Are you sitting comfortably Neil?
    ~large digit kitchen timer- great for managing time on syndicate exercises
    ~those funny things with a tiny, tiny little blade (eg (about 0.1 mm long) that cut the top sheet off an unperforated flipchart pad
    ~a USB memory stick to keep backup copies of materials on
    ~a permanent, properly made name badge for each trainer; saves them making a new one for each course
    ~-ditto- name tent card for the training room
    ~a personal password for each to a Mr Site website that they can use as a buddy forum amongst themselves
    ~a pocket pack of headache pills for those Friday at 4.15 moments (not a serious suggestion as I’m sure it cotravenes Health & Safety rules) I know I keep one with me at all times!
    ~a set of pencils or pens personalised with each trainers name (available from all charity mail order sites in the run up to Christmas–you’d be philanthropic to boot)
    ~ a Dilbert cartoon book or a free subscription to Daily Dilbert on line (it certainly brightens my occasional dull days)
    ~a clanger whistle, for signalling to delegates that their “coffee break is over, back to the training room”
    ~ a CD of background sound (you know birdsong, jungle noises, wind in the desert etc) to play during syndicate exercises.
    ~ a small tupperware box full of blu-tack (it is a great stress toy as well as its intended function)
    ~ a tool box to keep it all in!

    That lot should cost you about £20 a head if you get it all!

    I hope this helps

  3. More ideas…
    Hi Neil, Love the ideas above and was going to suggest blu-tack and tool box too! I would add ‘smelly pens’ always get the creative juices going for delegates, also some small tubs of ‘playdough’ or something similar – great for stress relief when you have a new group. Bags of snack size sweets are always useful for training sessions (that 3pm dip in blood sugar) and great for trainers caught in a long journey with no food! Regards Karen

  4. Throw in a touch of the virtual
    If you would like to encourage your trainers to adopt a range of learning activities, why not lead by example, by including in your goodie bag the URL for a virtual goodie bag of links to useful resources?

    This could include this magazine, Business Balls (not as rude as it sounds!), a few blogs, Manager Tools, etc. as well as a discussion forum/wiki for them to use going forward as a means of exchanging ideas and best practice – especially if they are a dispersed group who will seldom come together face to face.

    This would cost you nothing more than a little time to compile.

    Feel free to contact me on learninganorak at yahoo dot co dot uk if you would like some suggestions as to how to go about any of this.


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