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New venture


HI all,

I am in the process of setting up a new online service which will allow HR functions and other trainign purchasers to post projects that require fulfilled. In addition, training providers and other service providers will have the ability to manage their own profiles, post training events and generally promote their own services.
I am curerntly trying to draw interest to the site and I am curious about a few things. First of all, I woudl like to ask the training providers how they woudl like to manage their account online. The question is:
As a trainign.service provider, woudl you prefer to pay an up front membership fee or pay a commission on each idividual project you gain through the new venture?
HR/training purchasers- I am offering you all a free membership in ordeer that you can post all projects that you require servicing, whether it be a short course, specific bespoke design, public course or even to fill a permanent vacancy. As the site is currently under construction, I am looking for idseas based on the types of things you woudl like to see included in your own members are, what topics you woudl like to see information on etc, all ideas are appreciated.

In addition to these services, we will also offer a huge range of e-learning courses at discounted rates to users of the site, and also web design/hosting/optimisation and internet marketing services.

If you wodl liek to be involved, gain some business or source a provider I would be grateful of your comments.

Kind regards

01236 755563

Paul Fay

8 Responses

  1. Give us the choice of fees
    Hi Paul,

    Good luck with your new venture. I am confident that this type of site is exactly what freelance training providers will be looking for.In my experience many providers are reluctant to pay fees until they can actually see some real financial benefit coming in their actual job offers.Having the alternative option of paying a commission fee on the first work obtained would certainly appeal to several trainers I know.



  2. Fee structure
    Hello Paul,

    I’m already signed up with a fee site offering services like those you’ve described, but since I offer those who refer business my way a ‘taste of the gate’ commission anyway, I’d subscribe to a service like the one you’ve described under those terms.

    I’d be interested in learning more about how the service you will offer will differ from what’s out there already.

    Sincere best wishes for a successful venture.


    Scott G. Welch

  3. Thansk for the feedback
    Hi Scott,

    Thanks a million for the response.
    In answer to your question ‘How will I differ…?’
    The fee structure would certainly be one way in which we will differ, I think it is fair to offer the choice of fee or commission payments in the first year as their is no company history to say that we can succeed, so a no obligation partnership is a win win situation. Plus, after one year, if you have had a good result, you can make a more informed decision as to whether to opt for membership the following year.
    I am not yet sure whether to allow providers to bid for tenders that are posted, or simply manage the projects centrally and provide the client with 3 options of different providers and allow them to contact those 3 providers direct. Maybe you can let me know your thoughts on that one.

    I hope that has answered the question, thanks again for the response

  4. Positive
    Hi Mike, great to hear the positive comments, after some recent NLP exposue I am beginning to appreciate the simple things like a little encouragement all the more.
    I think the best way to look at this busienss at the moment is that it is a Business development manager, or sales rep, sales consultant for each idividual provider involved. I know as a small business owner it is not easy to afford the expense of a sales person, and thats what I woudl like to see this business create, an online business development manager for all.



  5. Choice
    “I am not yet sure whether to allow providers to bid for tenders that are posted, or simply manage the projects centrally and provide the client with 3 options of different providers and allow them to contact those 3 providers direct. Maybe you can let me know your thoughts on that one.”


    The commission based fee structure is certainly different than subscription ‘options’ out there, but I still wonder what will make the service distinctive and attractive for the HRD decision maker who will, through quality expressions of interest, attract subscribers to your site.

    Consistent with thoughts expressed earlier in this thread, I like the idea of options for the HR decision maker, with features to help them make informed choices consistent with their requirements, expectations and needs.

    I believe that the value of any catalogue or web-based provider-client matchmaking service will derive from how it enhances or facilitates relationship development, networking and informed decision making.

    I say this because I’m listed with at least six of these sites already and registered with another one today ( Yet to date, productive leads have been developed the old-fashioned way: through prospecting and networking.

    I like the features offered by TrainerBase

    which I believe is moving from strength to strength in realising its potential as a ‘one stop shop – portal of choice’ matchmaking service. More importantly, in my view, webmaster Ed (aka Peter Mayes) is truly responsive to the requirements, expectations and needs of his users.



  6. Legal requirements

    All the best with your venture, as Scott mentioned I run something similar but distinctly different, I think. I do not get involved in any way between the purchasers and the suppliers. I looked into this as an option (it could probably have been quite lucrative) but felt I would stear clear as best I could of the Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses regulations that restrict the charging of fees for the finding of work. There are exemptions and falls within those but it would be worth you finding out exactly where you stand in relation to the charging of commission (if you have not already done so).

    Have you looked at Book a Trainer and Loaded Star? They are similar offerings.



  7. Restrictions
    Hi Peter,

    I am currently looking at the restrictions you mentioned and it seems I am borderline at the moment, but depending on how the business progresses I may have to think about the way I generate revenue. It could finally be a membership site where you only pay a membership fee when you gain your first piece of business.
    Thanks for your comments, please keep in touch ed.


  8. Commisison
    Hi Scott,

    I hear you, I have signed up to a few membership sites however there is often a lot of time required to build your strength within that membership, I say if you have the time to devote to becoming a high flyer on one website, you could probably spend that time doing some business development of your own. I may be wrong.

    As far as relationship development and networking is concerned, that is the whole underlying theme, I don’t wnt to monopolise the busiess for trainers and have everyone reliant on me for new business, Iwoudl rather people gained new business from this site, and then used that new business to netowrk and create new opportunities for themselves. There is also the forums and chhat facility that will allow people to talk real time ensuring prompt responses to questions etc. Forums and newsgroups are OK, but real time is better.

    I have to agree with you regarding TrainerBase, I have seenit grow and grow, and it is certinaly an inspiration to me.

    Thansk for the comments, much appreciated.



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