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NLP Practitioner Course


Hello fellow TZ people,

Can anybody recommended providers/companies that offer the NLP Practitioner Course?
The average cost I've seen is approx £1,700-£1,800


Adam :)

7 Responses

  1. Recommendations for NLP course

    Hi Adam,

    I can wholeheartedly recommend Tony Burgess and Julie French 

    I did my NLP Practioner with them a few years ago and it was fantastic. I’ve known Tony and Julie for about 10 years now and I can honestly say that they are two of the most genuine people you could wishh to meet as well as being real experts on all things NLP. They offer free taster days too to give you the chance to decide if you wish to work with them but to be honest the free 1 day workshop gives you tons of tools in itself even if you decide you don’t want to do the full Practioner programme. 


    Sharon Gaskin

    The Trainers Training Company Helping Trainers Create Successful Businesses

  2. Highly Recommended NLP Training

     I recommend Toby & Kate McCartney. A lovely couple with a wealth of experience and great trainers.  Not just a learning experience, great fun and us former students are like family (the best sort)!  They offer a free weekend taster course in London which is precisely that. Anything you want to ask please contact me, their course changed my life around so I’m a great fan.


    Regards Steven

  3. NLP training

    Hi Adam

    I have had the pleasure of working with a number of NLP trainers over the years. For me the best by far have been Ian Ross and Lynne Kerry of

    It seems as if every day something they introduced me to pops into my mind. Remarkably helpful and highly recommended.

    Phil Mason 


  4. I would only recommend one provider…


    I would thoroughly (and only) recommend NLP Life Training – formally Paul McKenna’s school.

    I did my qualification through them a few years back – and I have subsequently sent some of my team members on the same.  I genuinely believe in the theory of chinese whispers denegrating the quality of any learning – so why would you not want to learn from one of the co-originators of NLP principles (Richard Bandler).

    Some people have their own opinions on this provider – but if you want to have genuine impact as a result of what you learn then this course absolutely does that!  I’ve had, and seen my team have, great results – both professionally and personally as a result.



  5. NLP Practitioner Training

    Hi Adam,

    I think it depends on what you want from NLP Practitioner training and your lifestyle and committments – this is a serious committment in terms of time and cost and I would suggest you research it thoroughly beforehand…

    In my opinion, there are largely speaking 2 different types of training – short or long.  The longer training, of up to 21 days, allows you to really practice and integrate the skills that you learn over a prolonged period of time (usually a few months); on the other hand, the shorter events are typically 7 days or thereabouts with prework to do beforehand and are obviously much more intensive.

    I personally chose the longer training course because I wanted to spend more time integrating my skills with access to a training team.

    Might I suggest that you look at a few companies and see what they offer in relation to environment, location, duration and class size as these can all affect your learning exerience; there are a few good websites around which give information on how to select a training provider (See John Seymour, Pegasus NLP and PPD Learning for more information on how to choose – I’ve personally trained with all of these companies and would recommend them if you’re around London or the South of England but it has to suit your lifestyle and personal/work committments).

    Happy to discuss off-line if you want to as this is an important decision for you to make.






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Adam Harwood

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