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NLP Trainers – do they need materials?


The reason I ask is that I have some comms programmes that could nicely be augmented by NLP - but I don't have any NLP training resources. I am not sure whether to progress this or whether NLP is not something that would sell. Do trainers who are qualified in NLP at some level just use NLP when training, or do they try and teach the principles? Do they need materials or are books and manuals all they need? Comments appreciated - I have some NLP experience, but I do not train. Carolyn

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  1. NLP

    I think it would be a good idea not to compartmentalise the material as good practice is good practice whatever the source. Mix it all up with the best bits of everything and you could have a really good course.

    The course would be much better recieved if it was seen as a *good practice guide to communication* where the resources came from a variety of areas.

    Pegasus NLP in Bournemouth are particularly good at NLP training materials but I would never say “this is the NLP bit”

    Good luck!


  2. NLP materials
    As others have stated here, NLP is just a set of principles that can be thought on their own or integrated in other courses. Some customers explicitly look for NLP, due to its particular fame, and want to know what it is all about. The best way for these customers is to go through a short NLP course to get the gist of it quickly. For this you can use NLP training materialsto quickly teach the concepts.

    You may also want to integrate NLP into your general courses where customers are not looking for NLP explicitly but simply want to get better at a particular skill such as body language or communication skills. NLP Books are very useful for these trainers since they need to have a broad understanding of the topics. However, sessions from NLP materials can be integrated into your course to talk about something explicitly. For example, NLP eye cues are something you can talk about in many courses and the subject is useful on its own without the need to go through the rest of NLP.

    In any case, as a whole this all depends on what the trainers want to achieve and what their customers want to get. The material is out there, it is just the matter of using the right tool for the right solution.

    Hope this helps.
    Ehsan Honary

  3. Benefitting who?

    Yes you can make money from NLP


    In fact, NLP seems to benefit only those who sell it.  It has been called a pyramid scheme before.  Well its something like that.

    You can also make money from doing psychic scams in people’s living rooms.  You can run timelines and NLP people back into their past to deal with their traumas, or you can talk to their dead loved ones.  You can paint black finger nails and wear a black polo neck sweater and call yourself an NLPer.  You could wear your hair long and grey and be a psychoshaman. 

    All these things make money

    But the only person who will benefit substantially is yourself

    If you equate ecology with ethics, I would give NLP, psychic scams, and scientology a miss. 


    Keep it real!

  4. Amazing claims require amazing evidence

    Hello Reb

    No discrespect to any NLPers here

    But NLP has been identified as a cult or cult-like

    It is a common argument in neurolinguistic programing to use the tools metaphor, in a similar way to the gun lobbyists use that metaphor.

    But reliability is key to material.  The materials that are used in neurolinguistic programing are weak to say the least.

    Neurolinguistic programing is a wild boast in itself.  But added to that, its recent promotion to one of the top 10 most discredited interventions makes it something to be avoided by all but the least informed.

    Its not the practitioner or the school, but the cult in itself that causes the problem.  Anything of value (still no reliable evidence of value) is swamped by misinformation, embarrassingly erroneous "neuroscience", new age nonsense, and self help fluffiness. 

    Sorry, but as someone who tries to sell something called neurolinguistic programing, you set yourself up for the statement "you have amazing claims, but where is the amazing evidence?"  Sorry, but the only reliable evidence shows that neurolinguistic programing has been discredited. 









  5. Material Evidence of Discredit

    Hello again Reb

    You have read my post, so you have already seen what I have discovered about neurolinguistic programing. 

    An ecclectic hotchpotch, certainly.  But the core of neurolinguistic programing is abound with erroneous claptrap.  To learn a set of ecclectic techniques, it is wise to gain them from good source. 

    Treating neurolinguistic programing as a source of information is unwise when you know it has made it into a top 10 most discredited concerns. 

    What neurolinguistic programing does for people is it overloads them with mind myths and takes them through a set of rituals that have no measured efficacy. 

    Communication, planning, and modeling techniques are far better learnt without the neurobabble of neurolinguistic programing.  

    So in sum:  The best materials a neurolinguistic programing trainer can get are the research reviews that conclude that neurolinguistic programing failed a battery of tests already, and show that neurolingusitic programing has reached a very high level of discredit:

    With those materials it is possible to drop the misleading neurobabble and discredited subject of neurolinguistic programing and teach something else:  i.e. something that does not have a pseudoscientific title and instead has solid, realistic, and independent evidence based support.








  6. NLP worked wonders for me

    So many people slag off NLP – I’d love to know if they havde tried it? I’d love to know if they went in with an open mind?

    I have used NLP in sport and in business and both have bought me fantastic results.


    Accountants for Contractors

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