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Dominic Valentine

Dominic Valentine

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No blue or white tac here!?


It constantly amazes, and utterly irritates me, when training venues -luxury venues and dumps alike - put a restriction on the use of flipcharts being stuck on a wall - and don't even have an alternative to offer,except flipchart boards appended to a wall which crease everything up OR wall clips that snap like mice traps on your fingers when you try to insert some completed work.And that puts me in an even more filthy mood!

So I have created my own alternative which you might like to copy -see below.AND you might like to share your own techniques for getting around this sticky situation(lol forgive me).

I have a small retractable washing line which can safely be hooked from one side of the room to another.Obviously you locate it in a place where nobody is going to be throttled! And using cheap coloured plastic pegs I am also able to theme the flipcharts which emerge from the various workshop groups/focus sessions etc etc. I have even put the idea into song -or a parody of a famous one:-

We're going to hang out the flipcharts on the Siegfried Line.
Have you any ideas , trainee dear?
We're gonna hang out the flipcharts on the Siegfried Line.
Cause the training day is here.

With apologies to Jimmy Kennedy're_Going_to_Hang_out_the_Washing_on_the_Siegfried_Line

6 Responses

  1. 3m make a giant Post-It note


    Whenever faced with this situation I always seek out the manager and recommend that for the future they look at some form of solution.  One past client of mine in a former stately home, had three inch wide strips of clear plastic fixed to the walls (wood panelling and hand blocked wallpaper) at the appropriate height.  Blue tck could be stuck to that rather than the wall (it is also much less expensive abnd less visually intrusive than the purpose made rails…..nd it doesn't trap your fingers!


  2. Masking Tape

    I use masking tape which I tear off in the bits I require. I use the B&Q stuff which I find holds well enough but also peels off leaving no mark or residue.

  3. ReMount Spray Adhesive

    Just while I remember I have also used the following product very succesfully with clients for tempopary sticking of flipcharts:

    It's expensive but I have a can I've been using for 18 months plus, so probably not that bad long term, the intial outlay is steep though.

    I don't know if their are other cheaper but equally good products out there.

  4. Masking tape and magic whiteboard

    I have used  masking tape for years. Very low tech and small enough to go into my 'kit box'.

    I also have the magic whiteboard which is fantastic. The only issue I have with it is that we had some on the wall in the office for a while and on a cream wall once we took it down, it created a dirty mark outline. Think it's because the attribute that helps it stick is something to do with static and it attracts dust. No problems at all if it's being used just for one or two days but don't leave it up for any length of time.

  5. training venues should accomadate this!

    Most amazing solution I saw was very low tech in a historially important building (although obviously this isn't something you can do as a trainer) but at various points around a room they were small acrylic ovals to which you could attach a flipchart sheet with blu tack! Genius.

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Dominic Valentine

Training Manager

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