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Objection Handling – New Name?


I don't know about you, but when the agents that I train hear the term "objection handling", they get defensive and negative with the responses.  So I am wanting to know if there is another term that could be used instead of objection handling? I'd like something more positive; someone suggested FAQ but I don't think that is a good comparison. It would be great to have a new term without using the word objection.  Any ideas?

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  1. If you’re being positive

    Go the whole way:

    Winning business

    Getting results

    Succeeding with customers

    Delivering brilliant service


    Focus on the outcome, not the outputs, and title accordingly.


  2. Address concerns

    Hi in my organisation we use 'address concerns'.

    I also personally like 'educating customers'

  3. Look at the other side…

    In sales terms, I like the phrase 'helping people to buy', and in more general terms, why not 'bridging the gap'? I also like 'addressing concerns' as ravisandhu8 suggests.


    Power Hour – Bitesize training materials

  4. Finding solutions.

    How about something like problem solving or finding solutions? An objection is basically the customer is giving you a problem they have, & the agents have to find a solution to that.

  5. Objection = Buying signal?

    An objection can be a buying signal, so I like some of the above suggestions along the line of making it easy for the customer to say yes: So how about "making certain that the customer has all the information they need?" Or as suggested "FAQs?" Maybe "explaining the benefits", or "personalising the benefits?" Or simply "closing the sale".


  6. Objection my Lord!

    Resolving Objections

    Resolving Concerns 

    Uncovering Concerns

    From resistance to purchase.

    You might want to pre-empt them before starting by saying "here is the easy way of resolving issues by listening carefully about what is the thought behind what the customer is saying."

  7. We no longer “handle objections”…

    At the suggestion of a sales training consultant, we've referred to it for several years now as "Managing Resistance."   "Manage" doesn't seem to connote the defensive position that "handle" does, and "resistance" actually seems to be a more accurate term than "objections."

  8. New Name

    Try – "Gaining Agreement" – depending on your course content this section would be different to "closing the sale".

    Gaining Agreement is about obtaining a series of yes' from the buyer, and inside that you can place the content for objections, so if at any time you get a no (which means there is an objection) you can tackle that as it comes.

    Objection handling doesn't actually happen in one part of the sale (ie: toward the end) it's fluid and can happen at any point or multiple points during the sale.

    In addition, questions that the buyer asks can also be considered "objections" because if you don't satisfy the buyer with an answer that leads to an internal "yes" then the objection hasn't been resolved.



    All objections resolve into three classes

    1) Skeptisism

    2) Misunderstanding

    3) Genuine concern

    Work with these three ideas, ask your participants to think of their own buying experiences, we dont think of ourselves as "having objections" however most people would agree that we are skeptical, we dont really understand (or the sales person doesn't really undertstand our needs beofre pitching) or fianlly,  you get it, you wantt to buy BUT you do have genuine concerns.

    In my view this offers a mature realistic alternative to the hackneyed "objection handling" phrase    

  10. Give them what they want

    Teach them how to prevent objections arising in the first place (can be done by analysing the common ones they face and how the way they are selling is triggering them).


    Then call the course Objection Prevention.


    Tony Latimer, MCC

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