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Offbeat: Friday 13th unlucky for some?


Friday 13th has long been considered unlucky. But according to Charlotte Pegman, personal injury solicitor at Hubbard Pegman & Whitney, the day is no more unlucky than the day before it or after. Yet the fact that it is Friday 13th can make some people more nervous, and anxious and that can lead some people to have more accidents.

Charlotte says: “While paraskevidekatriaphobics – those with an irrational fear of Friday 13th – will be staying at home, for those that venture to and from work, the superstition makes some commuters drive less well, and increases the risk of accidents. Friday evenings in particular have always had more road accidents, due to an increase in traffic, fatigue after a hard week, and that TGI Friday feeling. Add to that a sense of irrational fear, and it’s a recipe for disaster.

“Similarly, at the workplace, the feeling of the day being an unlucky one, can lead superstitious employees to over complicate the simplest of tasks and actually make accidents happen.

“However, Friday 13th is a day like any other. And just like on any other day, some people will have an accident, and some people will not. I have seen no evidence that Friday 13th features in our case load any more than any other day”.

Some Friday 13th facts and figures:

  • The decimation of the Knights Templar in France on Friday 13th October 1307 is said to be the day’s origin.
    Other explanations put forward are that the crucifixion of Jesus took place on a Friday after his Last Supper (totalling 13 at the event).

  • Many cities in North America do not have a 13th street or avenue.

  • Many skyscrapers don’t have a 13th floor and many hotels don’t have a room 13.

  • There are thirteen witches in a coven.
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