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Offbeat: Quirky news from off the training track


We take a look at the more unusual side of life, in news from off the training track. Oxygen canister in your training room anyone?

RobberNothing like completing a job application for killing time

Whilst waiting for the opportune moment to rob a store, an assailant passed the time by filling out a job application for the very same shop, leaving a massive clue to his identity.

Demetrius Robinson, 28, from Georgia, America, got restless while waiting for the last customer to leave the shop. Robinson, seizing his opportunity once he and the only security guard were alone, put down his pen in favour of allegedly wielding a knife at the guard so he could take off with the contents of the till.

He is now in police custody after completing the job application using his real name alongside a fake address and a relative's phone number.

"It's kind of strange, but, yes, that's what he did," remarked detective Jeff Clark.

OxygenStale air and stuffy meetings could become a thing of the past

Ever wondered how to recreate that fresh air vibe in your training sessions? Wish that you could blow some life into your delegates? Well one company plans to start doing just that. De Vere Venues will be offering canisters of fresh air (aka oxygen) to delegates attending their new Canary Wharf venue in London.

The benefits of getting delegates to top up their good air levels could be particularly noted in inner cities where air pollution is high, bringing that infamous fresh country air (but without the dung) into boardrooms to blow the cobwebs out and keep delegates alert.

Tony Dangerfield, chief operating officer of De Vere Venues said: "For business people to perform at their best they need to breathe good quality air, and sadly the air outside in big cities simply isn't good enough… but a blast of pure oxygen when they enter a meeting room is the perfect way to give them the kick start they need to function at their best".

He had heard that the better air quality at their countryside venues was having a positive effect on attendees, and conceived this idea based on the safe assumption that they can't relocate all their venues to the country, so they've found a way to bring the country to inner city venues – in convenient little pressurised cans.

SnoozeConsider employing crèche tactics to get the most out of your staff

According to new research by Peninsula six out of 10 workers have admitted to falling asleep at work. More thsn 60% of those questioned said they had either totally fallen asleep or felt incredibly drowsy whilst at their post.

A further 73% of participants said they would nap at work if given the opportunity by their boss. Office based employees even admitted to sneaking off to the toilets to grab a quick five minute nap during office hours.

While all this sounds alarming, looking at the bigger picture reveals that there might be some sense in allowing staff to take 'snooze breaks'. This research suggests that employees need approximately seven hours 15 minutes sleep each night to perform at their optimum, but most only get six hours and 10 minutes. That deficit could be fatal for workers who are in charge of vehicles or machinery.

Granted, the case for giving desk-based employees the same 'snooze break' is a little more tenuous. However, the research also says that the office environment often exacerbates feelings of tiredness already being experienced by employees, and that this decreases productivity. Allowing workers the chance to catch up on missed out minutes of sleep could actually increase their overall productivity and possibly even prevent accidents in the workplace.

Zodiac dialCapricorns named Steve are UK's most ambitious jobseekers

The recruitment site have conducted research on over 850,000 jobseekers registered with their site to try and determine who were the most ambitious and money thirsty.

No surprise to hear that men are more ambitious than woman -expecting a salary which is £3,600 more than the average UK female.

But what you might find surprising (whether you are a horoscope fanatic or not) is that Capricorns had the highest salary expectations while Virgos had the lowest.

And if you're called Steve you expect an average salary of £26,482 while your mate Ian from the pub expects only £24,168 in comparison.

If you're in your forties you will also expect an average of £25,000 - £2,000 more than your younger counterparts who are still in their thirties.

So, if you are a 40-year-old Capricorn called Steve from somewhere in the south east of England, you tick all the boxes for being the most ambitious jobseeker when it comes to salary expectations: jobseekers in the South East expect to earn on average £21,165 compared with Wales who only desire £18,286.

Ladies, we now know how to complete the 'what you are looking for' sections on the dating sites!

Over the top CappuccinoBusiness break costs bucks at coffee house in T5

While waiting for a business counterpart to fly in, Terri Patsalides, 59, passed the time in the trendy Giraffe Juice Bar at Heathrow's Terminal 5.

The baggage delay was such that she had time to leisurely sip away four cappuccinos. On receiving the bill, Ms Patsalides of Ealing, London remarked: "Although my cappuccinos were very nice, I think £90,000 per cup is a bit over the top!"

A till system error meant that a £12 bill had for some reason been bumped up to a whopping £361,514.97. The waitress blushed, the bill was cancelled, and everyone got a bit of a chuckle out of it.


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