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Offbeat: Show me the honey


beeHoneybees are magnificent creatures, pollinating plants, making honey and wax, not to mention perplexing many a scientist with their ability to fly. But the honeybee is in crisis, with declining numbers. The Co-operative Group is trying to raise awareness about the importance of the bee by linking the popular traits of bees to the current economic crisis. So what have we got to learn from bees? Read on...

1. Co-operation: A single hive contains approximately 40-45,000 bees. Bees band together to support the Queen Bee and the foragers in honeybee colonies cooperate by sharing information about rich sources of food. In credit crunch times, it is imperative to group together, share our knowledge and learn from one another’s skill sets. A sense of community is important in difficult times: Get to know your co-workers, your neighbours and others you might not normally interact with to expand your social group and networking opportunities.

2. Productivity: Bees are renowned for their productivity. Now more than ever, it is crucial to keep your output and quality of work at an all-time high. Now is not the time to be lazy.

3. Assertiveness: The Queen Bee can teach us a few lessons on not to be afraid of being dominant when necessary. Learn to blow your own whistle and don’t be afraid to contribute and share your opinions. If you are in a management role, delegate tasks effectively to get the maximum output from your employees.

4. Nourishment: Bee pollination provides nourishment for many. In fact, bee pollination provides 1/3 of all produce. Ensure that you are properly nourished (physically and mentally) so that you are fighting fit.

5. Fearlessness: Bees are fearless when protecting their hives. While many may be in fear of losing their jobs or fear the unknown, never lose faith in your abilities and remain optimistic as redundancy is often an opportunity for success.

6. Creativity: Honeybees seem to inspire creativity. People have a love of bees and bee pollination allows flowers and plants to flourish and create a visually appealing landscape for all to enjoy. Likewise, now is a time to be creative and think outside of the box when applying for a new position. Think of all of the areas where you have made a contribution and any unique or challenging projects that you have contributed to. Now is also a good time to unleash your creativity and possibly turn your hobbies into additional income.

7. Flexibility in travel: A bee travels an average of 1600 round trips in order to produce one ounce of honey; up to six miles per trip). If there aren’t jobs available in your area, consider other options further a field. On the flip side, if you are spending vast amounts of money on travel to and from work, consider options closer to home. You might be surprised at the savings.

8. Fight when necessary: Bees will fight to the death to protect their hives. Know when to take a stand and fight your corner. More importantly, know when to let things go and move on.

9. Know your role: Bees are very aware of their individual roles. If you are unsure of your role and expectations to deliver, you will find it hard to excel. Receive clarification and ensure that you are always giving to the best of your ability and hopefully, you will be one step closer to becoming the Queen Bee!

10. Intelligence: Bees survive by learning to forage in differently fluctuating environments. While bees have five eyes compared to our two, we need to keep our eyes open for new opportunities and not be blinded by the facts in front of us while missing the bigger picture. Now more than ever, it is important to remain sharp as a tack and two steps ahead of the game to utilize your assets effectively and get a leg up on your competitors.


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