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Office 2010 Demo Overview


Hello my office is rolling out office 2010.  They have decided it to take the format of 2 hour demo sessions presentation style.  We would like to add some interactivity if we can (appreciate time is tight)as the class sizes are quite large and we want to keep engagement and interest high.  Has anyone ever done anything in terms of questions, short quiz or something to keep folks engaged and excited?

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  1. Software

    "we want to keep engagement and interest high"

    2hrs presentation on software sounds like hell? Who’s idea was the 2hrs duration and large class sizes? I think the methodology was cost and time rather than anyone learning anything?

    If I had anything to do with it I would produce a 5 minute "what’s different in 2010" video (Think Danny Boyle and opening Olympics ceremony style) and use the rest of the budget to sign up to Bitesize.

    Sorry but I don’t think questions and quizes are the answer to your problem!

    Good luck




  2. 2010 Demo Rollout

    Steve, thanks for your response, regrettably unlike yourself who works in technical training, this is the world that is when it comes to ms training.   Cost is a big factor and to be honest we tried the bite sized route before and it was an overwhelming disaster.  Different strokes I guess but appreciate you taking the time to respond.

  3. Bitesize

    "this is the world that is when it comes to ms training"

    I appreciate Bitesize type learning is not for everyone but is there any evidence that large presentations work?

    I have yet to meet a person who said "that was a great software presentation" I don’t think it’s anything to do with the training environment (ie Technical or not)…looking forward to hearing other suggestions!

    We are also about to upgrade so I have to go through it and no idea how it will be done? Will keep you posted!

    Good luck



  4. Office 2010

    Yeah I know its difficult!   Maybe we can rollout it out for you too lol!  Appreciate your time 😉

  5. MS Office 2010


    I can understand that if the business wants to do a Presentation approach then you need to make it as good as possible. 

    For those people that will switch off and not get anything out of this approach then you might want to point them at the Microsoft site which has free videos to use.

    Just a way of you helping your staff by giving them more than one route to learn.

    — Blake Henegan

    Optimus Sourcing

  6. Ribbon Hero

    Hi Craig

    I’ve just had a really quick look at Ribbon Hero and I think it is brilliant – lots of interesting visuals – I looked at this without sound and understood it!

    I’m in the process of creating quizzes for my new system rollout and this has given me some ideas….Thanks!



  7. Office 2010

    I agree with Steve I’m afraid, I couldn’t think of aything worse than sitting through a 2hr demo, nor would I ever consider delivering something this way either (for the record I’m an experienced MS Office Certified Trainer, not a techie).

    Are you upgrading from Office 2003? Or 2007? If so then maybe people would benefit from a series of short ‘what’s new’ screencasts? Either create your own or, like Blake suggested, link to the good quality content directly from Microsoft. 

    Also, producing short screencasts on how to perform common tasks in the new software might help – what do your colleagues use the most – mail merge, conditional formating, styles etc. etc?

    How about setting up a few workstations ahead of the roll-out and let people know they are there, so they can go along/hot desk and try things out themselves?

    Craig posted a great link as well, I would defo recommend installing Ribbon Hero if possible, then maybe run a company-wide competition for the first month or so and encourage people to share their scores in Ribon Hero?

    Do people even need demos? How many are already using 2010 at home? Focussing on post-implementation performance support might be a better option.

    Good luck 🙂


  8. Training for Office 2010 Migrations

    I am pleased that your organisation is giving its users some information/training.  It is going to be quite difficult to ask the audience 2010 questions when they may not have seen or used it before.  If you had time you could ask each department to think up 1 common work task (thats important to them) in advance, then have the presenter/trainer sprinkle these tasks into the presentation. Referencing a team or department and showing a particluar task duirng the session may grab thier attention?  Just a thought…. it may not be practical thou as it would take a bit more time and preparation to co-ordinate attendees and join up a the dots.

    Bytes Learning Services provide seminar style training to lots of Microsoft licensing customers and have managed many 2010 rollouts from large to small. Maybe you should ask them for help as their trainers create and deliver 2010 seminar/ presentations to suit each org.  If your organisation is a MS licensing customer you may also be entitled to training benefits, its worth checking. 

    Good luck,


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