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On-line training needs analysis


Has anyone come across an on-line tool to do a training needs analysis rather than have to rely on pen & paper, interviews and spreadsheets, etc?

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  1. Me Too….

    Good morning

    I am interested in something similar too, have you received any suggestions to your post? 

    I am due to attend an event to look at training needs of attendee's at an event to help me shape a training programme.  Is there a way I can capture the information without writing everything manually-sorry if I have hijacked your thread.   Suggestions most welcome.



  2. Smart Phone?

    I would say the easiest way to record a training needs analysis meeting without having to write things down is to use your smart phone to either create a video or audio recording.  Obviously if you're working with vulnerable people that might not work but other than that away you go.

  3. Has anyone tried creating a

    Has anyone tried creating a video or audio recording as per this suggestion?  What are the disadvantages and advantages in your experience of this approach?

    Does anyone have a TNA template they could share or could point me in the right direction on templates?



  4. Kirkpatrick

    Hi Judith; the advantage is that you have a permanent record of TNA meetings; the disadvantage is that you still have to analyse that information.  Unless you can put a value (number) against what people are saying, you will always have to complete some critical analysis on the information you get.

    In terms of a template; we use the Kirkpatrick new world approach which is about starting with asking what mission critical business goal will be impacted on the training required.  So, we were asked to run coaching workshops and when establishing the reason why, the answer reasonably was to improve coaching skills.  However, this isn't the actual reason; it's certainly an indicator to success but you need to go further and discover the hard business target that will be improved by the delivery of a training intervention.

    So, rather than using a specific TNA template; we have a consultancy approach that tries to align training with the business.  Hope that helps.

  5. I don’t know if this is what you’re looking for…

    But offers the ability for users to log in to a specific web browser, so when used in a presentation capacity for training, the presentation is at the front of the room with a url address that anyone with a tablet, phone, even a brick that has internet access can type in that code and by taken to the presentation live on their own screen, this way it then records all who have signed up and in, records any questions or comments they type during, and at the end they send you a detailed report of who was there, emails, their questions, what they liked, and the feedback they offered for you as a trainer. And it allows all users to annotate slides and keep them on their account, completely and utterly paperless! 


    Does that sound like something that you might be looking for? 

    Thanks guys, let me know what you think if you go on the website and sign up for the free trial, it's  nothing like powerpoint or prezi I promise. Glisser is new and hopefully just what you need! 



  6. Hi,

    The Matrix and Complex Environment (MaCE) Leadership Diagnostic Report (LDR) provides a combined TNA and Personal Development Plan (PDP) for people to establish if they have the capabilities to work (and therefore to train others to work if they are Trainers!) in Matrix type (i.e. cross-process, project, multi-disciplinary work group type) organizational structures and operating environments.

    To find out what your capability levels are visit and use the password ‘trainingzone’ (no capitals, no spaces) to access an 84 item questionnaire which once completed will automatically send you a 16 page .pdf bespoke PDP to help improve your own Matrix Working training capabilities (or those you are given the responsibility to train).

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Jenny Kevan

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