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Online 360 degree feedback tools


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  1. By far the best….

     By far the best and most cost effective has to be Personnica (part of the 360 Partnership group).

    We’ve used them on numerous client projects and the flexibility of their product plus the support they give is second to  none.  is their website and best personal to speak to is Az Sadiq

    The tool enables you to tailor the questions, report and adminstration of the process. Branding it as you wish!

    Hope that helps







  2. Online 360 Tool


    I would recommend Track Surveys:

    I have used their online 360 and found it to be easy to use and administrate. It can incorporate your branding and you can set it up how wish, including tailoring reminder emails etc. There are also options for Track Surveys to administer the 360 on your behalf if you wish. They offer a free trial if you would like to try before you buy. I found Jo Ayoubi who was my contact there to be incredibly helpful as well.

    Hope this helps


  3. What are your criteria?

    There are a lot of very good 360 tools on the market, but they vary in terms of how well they might meet your needs.  If you can specify criteria for your choice, then that will help with recommendations.  For example:-

    1.  How many people do you want to include?  If it’s less than 50, then some tools will not be cost-effective.

    2.  Do you want to design your own questionnaire, or do you want an off-the-shelf questionnaire?

    3.  Do you want multiple languages?

    4.  Do you want to do reporting beyond individual reports e.g. aggregate reports?

    5.  Do you want just one questionnaire, or do you want to vary the items according to level or job role?

    If you can list your ‘essential’ and ‘desirable’ decision making criteria, I’m sure you’ll get the help you need.

  4. Purpose even befor criteria in using a 360

    Janen has done a great job mentioning that there are lots of good 360’s out there and it is important to define your criterial.  She askes some fundamental qusestions.  However there is one question that should be answered even befroe these:  "Why do you want to use a 360?"

    For example only:

    • what is the expected outcome of using a 360 tool?
    • will it achieve the ROI you want? (have you determined the real cost?)
    • developmental or performance?
    • leadership or competency or benchmarking?
    • is your culture suitable? (what message are you communicating? how will it be perceived?)
    • is this another flavour of the month and will you stick with it?


  5. 360 Assessment Tools

    Substantial research says that there are more competencies in common than there are ones that are different when it comes to being successful in typical jobs and job families across companies.  That said, many companies are quite confident that they are "unique" and need to build their own competency models and 360s to match.

    The lion’s share of the work is done with the following research-based 360s (and yet there is room for customizing for the client):

    1 –VOICES, from Korn/Ferry (Lominger) — the absolute gold standard in my book.  FYI and a host of supporting materials

    2 — HOGAN — a suite of useful surveys to choose from, very robust

    3 — PROFILOR  — PDI offering, with Successful Executive’s Handbook and Successful Manager’s Handbook to support development

    4 — BENCHMARKS, SKILLSCOPE, and 360 BY DESIGN — Center for Creative Leadership offerings.  360 BY DESIGN is almost infinitely customizable, as you can choose as many or as few of a library of competencies, depending on how broad or narrow the focus is intended to be.

    I use all of these for developmental purposes in my practice, am certified to administer and interpret.  See more at, or contact me for more info.  Hope this helps!


  6. highly recommend Talent 360

    Hi All

    I would highly recommend Talent 360, as we reviewed many, many solution in the market before making our choice for what our team felt was then right solution in the market for us and our clients.
    As a learning and development organisation that creates / develops competence frameworks for organisations and also designs develops and delivers programmes, we want a solution that we could completely tailor to our clients needs, was simple to use from the participants point of view (and ours! Specifically with regards to assessment design and project administration and management) and created client specific reports which enabled our coaching team to really dig into the results, to enable individual development to be created which exceed our customers expectations and enabled us to develop organisational development solutions that really make a difference.
    This solution is created by Head Light Communication and you explore the solution for yourself by going to
    Hope this helps
    Progress International Ltd
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