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PDP Training – activities


I have been asked to put together a 1/2 day workshop for managers about how to conduct + develop PDP's with their teams.
Does anyone have any activities preferably a fun one, that they are willing to share?

Many Thanks

Sarah Leahy

7 Responses

  1. assuming…

    Assuming the TLA PDP to be a personal development plan here is a short (and potentially suicidal option)

    Suppose you know that there is a development need by a person in your team BUT you know there is no budget for training,
    Q1. how can the person learn the knowledge or skill? without a training course
    Q2. How will you record and measure this?

    (suicidal because I earn a living running training courses)

  2. Training Support
    Thanks for your comments Rus,
    In answer to your questions:
    We do have a training department that are there to fully support any area’s of development that would be required, if for any reason it can not be handled by our team we will go external if necessary

  3. 2 ideas
    I think the point Rus was making is that if development is limited to courses then staff will not develop very much.

    Here’s a couple of ideas for you:

    1. In groups ask people to come up with any many ways as possible of developing (not just courses!). Make it competitive, give prizes, play energetic music to get people going. Then ask people to mark each others, only getting marks for real development opportunities.

    2. A game to illustrate the importance of development objectives. Play a game with 3 volunteers which gives a score eg darts, quoits, etc. Explain that it is a competition to see who wins (they will assume highest score wins). Write up names & scores on flipchart then announce the winner to be 2nd/3rd place time because the aim was to get closest to 50 points (or whatever). Make the point that unless we define our development objective we wont know how to achieve it. (How many times do trainers have people on courses who do not know what they want to learn!).

  4. sorry I’ll try to say that again..!
    Sorry folks
    the apparent questions were actually a suggested exercise for your delegates….
    “Suppose you know that there is a development need by a person in your team BUT you know there is no budget for training,”
    Q1. how can the person learn the knowledge or skill without a training course?
    Q2. How will you record and measure this?


  5. Thanks!
    Rus thanks for that explanation I understand now!!



  6. making training fun

    i recently had to do PDP training, as it was PDP season at my workplace. As I have a really close relationship with line managers here (and they all know each other well too), I didn’t find myself needing to do much to bring the course to life, but i did consider in advance how I’d handle a course if I had to train managers I dont usually work with or managers who do not really know each other very well.

    one idea was to just do roleplays! I’d give the team coaches scenarios (some good, some bad, some just plain funny) and ask them how they’d confront such issues. I would then ask the delegates to assess each other’s approach.

    I know that doesn’t sound “fun” but it really helps interaction!

    Another idea would be to give everyone a competence and ask them to describe it without saying what it is, this gets the managers really thinking about how to describe each competence.

    as with most activities, these can be done individually or in groups!

  7. Thank-you
    Thank -you to everyone who has sent me an answer!
    Thay have all helped me finish my workshop.



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