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performance competion in a call centre environment


Does anyone have ideas on how to develop a short term stimulating competition within teams/departments to boost performance and quality of service provided
audrey adda

4 Responses

  1. Few more details
    Hi Audrey

    Could you tell me what sort of team they are (Inbound, Outbound/Service). I used to run a fun competition every month with my Outbound team and may have something for you. Also, is it sales based or service based and what sort of behaviour are you looking to encourage?

    Generically, you should look for the following

    Competition must encourage the behaviour you want e.g. if you want to increase sales, make the critical success factor getting sales.

    Understand your participant, some people just aren’t as competitive as others and work in different ways, so try your best not to alienate people too much

    Manage it consistently. The minute you stop pushing it, interest starts to wane

    Make it fun and lighthearted. Any rules should follow suit

    Have a little prize, needn’t be anything large, I run comps for three years using nothing more than a pint on me!

    The main critera, is that everyone enjoys the layout of the game, the atmosphere it generates and most importantly, it reaches the result you are aiming for

    Hope this helps, please contact for any examples

    Best wishes


  2. Info
    I have worked in a call centre environment for 3 years. In that time we ran a competition by which call monitoring was used to evaluate call quality. Every week a winner was announced.

  3. Childhood games
    I’ve run numerous games along these lines over the years. Rich gives a good generic guide to the rules, but I’ve always find the best games are the ones that everyone can get involved in.
    Maybe at the moment a world cup based game, or big brother based game would go down well.
    If you are stuck for creative ideas a simple approach would be snkaes and ladders where every sale gets you a shake of the dice. Basically try to have fun and it will reinforce your key outcomes

  4. Call Centre competitions
    I have also worked with inbound, outbound, sales, customer service teams etc. I have found that the success of the competition relies on it being fairly and consistently applied. As soon as anyone in the team believes that it is not being applied fairly then it loses credibility and will fail – just as losing that initial enthusiasm will hinder the success.

    The more visual the better as people like to “see” how well they are doing. I have done sales based ones around themes such as Easter, Christmas, Halloween etc. For example for every number of sales achieved (set in advance) the individual got a “decoration” for their own individual tree at their desk – that way everyone could see how well others were doing by how well the tree was decorated.

    Similarly in customer service areas you can reward tangible things like number of compliments received, issues successfully resolved. However, it is really helpful to think about people who are not “naturally” going to succeed against your criteria. If someone thinks they don’t have a chance to “win” or gain in your framework they will be turned off and you will get the opposit effect. For example someone who is very good at handling difficult callers and is able to turn calls around may have a longer call handling time because of this so won’t “win” in any competition based on number of calls answered or call length. You need to think about what behaviour you want to increase/reward and also think about what could happen as a result. If you targeted call length for example will that negatively impact on call quality as a consequence. If you target call quality will that increase your call length as a result?

    A really obvious point to bring in as well is people love to be involved – if they have an opportunity to create their own competition they are more likely to want to do it! They may also think of things you haven’t!

    Hope this helps


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