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Perils of Lone Training Delivery



I am a freelance training consultant and for the past 2 years, I have delivered  by myself. Is anyone else in this situation and if so, how do you ensure that your training is effective etc. I know there are course evaluations, but I really miss having feedback from my peers and picking up new skills, ideas etc

I have looked into attending an advanced TTT, to ensure my skills are still up standard, however, very few are advanced and the few that are, are out of my price league. 

I'd really appreciate some ideas and advice


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  1. Workshops

    Hi Annette

    It's not just a problem for lone trainers, I work for a large company and am constantly trying to develop and learn new skills.

    There are a few companys that run workshop days, that are free or relatively innexpensive such as…


    If you attend one of ther workshops there will be about 20 others in your situation who you can swap numbers and perhaps set up your own regular workshops? Let me know how you get on because I would love to get involved in such activities.

    Good luck





  2. Hi Steve,

    Hi Steve,

    Thanks for taking the time to reply. I used to work in a large organisation an regret not taking advantage of all the extra training I could get! I will look into those companies. 

    Always running courses on my own, I feel I miss out on the instant feedback a co trainer can give, if something isn't going right, they can provide insight, if you forget something. add it in, etc.


  3. questions and an idea

    Hi Annette

    what type of training do you deliver?

    whereabouts do you deliver it?

    have you got a tablet…..I recently found that by locating a tablet in a discreet place and setting it to record I was able to get a delegates eye view of my training style without the obvious effects of having a big video camera… was a very useful ways of seeing myself (again) as others do.


  4. Hi Russ

    I deliver management training courses and currently tend to be in the building of the business, if that makes sense!.  I like that idea! I hate to see myself and hear myself, but it would be an excellent way of seeing how I come across and how I sound.

    Thank you for taking the time to comment


  5. Using your network


    Hi Annette


    Perhaps someone you know in your network who knows training, is a trainer etc could sit in and observe and critique and you do the same back to them.  

    Only cost is your time.  


    Good luck, 


  6. Tea and Cakes!

    Hi Annette,

    I have little sessions where a group of trainers meet up and one of us runs a short session and receives feedback, support and ideas from the rest. To make it even more fun we have home made cakes (or an even more healthy option) and lovely cups of tea in proper cups and saucers!!

    The discussions and brainstorming are truly productive and interesting, and, as I'm a psychologist, I provide some tips and training on psychological tools which may benefit the delegates but also to benefit the trainer on a personal and performance level too.

    We are now getting CPD points for these sessions so that they can be used as part of CPD.

    It sounds like this is the sort of thing you may like to be involved with, and of course you are welcome to come to our Tea and Cakes events in Sussex, or maybe see if you can set something up yourself, I'd be happy to help you if this sounds like an idea you would like to explore.


  7. £30 workshops

    Just recieved from Azesta…

    Hi all, 


    Here’s the perfect chance to kick start your personal development for 2014 year with our upcoming workshops!


    Friday 10th February – Teamscapes (10am-2pm, Leeds)


    At Sundial Group we are dedicated to delivering excellent events; Teamscapes® are our innovative, cost-effective brand of team building activities that are suitable for everyone, available everywhere


    Teamscapes are a series of short dynamic indoor and outdoor activities that challenge the brain not the body.  They are simple yet extremely powerful activities which draw out different individual strengths, weaknesses and behaviours within a team in order to help improve their self awareness and effectiveness as part of a team.


    The Teamscapes methodology is based on experiential learning, namely doing, reviewing and doing again.  By participating in an activity, reviewing successes and either repeating it or attempting another activity, individuals identify ways in which they can help a group to succeed.


    Each activity has many solutions and allows people of all abilities to play a part and contribute to the team – they are not frightening or risky, nor are they a test of strength.  


    Friday 28th March – The New Change Agents with Larry Reynolds (10am-2pm, Summerbridge)


    Organisational change in the age of austerity, authenticity and social media


    How does successful organisational change really happen in the 21st Century? What practical tools can really help? What can we learn from change agents in other organisations and communities? In this interactive session we'll be experimenting with a range of tools and ideas including:

    •                The story of self, the story of us and the story of now

    •                What it really means to be the change

    •                How to rock the boat without getting thrown overboard

    •                Mastering the Stockdale paradox

    •                Emergent v directed change

    •                Focusing your energies at the right point

    •                How a single tweet transformed the NHS


    Thursday July 3rd – Storytelling with Stella Collins (10am-2pm, Leeds)


    Once upon a time he began to tell the story and as the wonderful events unwound people crept forward; their ears were pricked, their eyes were bright in the firelight and their hearts beat just a little bit faster.  Which way would the story go this time?  How would they feel and would it end well or badly for him?


    Not all stories are make believe, some are real and true but still resonate with people.  What is it about stories that engages us?  What happens in our brains when we tell stories rather than just relate facts?  How can we use stories to effect change in people at work? 


    Are you using stories already?  Then come and share your experience and if you don’t then come along to find out more.


    Join Stella Collins to find out how to use stories in presentations, meetings, training, internal and external communications so that you get people’s attention, commitment and inspire action.  Learn some useful tips like ‘The Story Spine’, discover the work of Terence Gargiulo and the ‘Strategic use of stories in organisations’, build on ‘Made to Stick’ by Chip and Dan Heath and perhaps learn to tell your own story – who knows where it might lead you?


     Friday 19th September – Transfer of Learning with Angela Readhead ( 10am-2pm Summerbridge)


    As trainers we are generally brought in by an organisation as they have a development need or problems which they need us to help them 'fix' and is therefore important that what we teach/develop/facilitate is utilised once our sessions are completed. If the delegates don't adopt what we deliver, it can bring dissatisfaction with the client and loss of future business. Yet research has shown that as little as 10% of the companies investment is ever returned from training courses, and there are many reasons for this. This session will explain my study and its findings, the positives but also the issues and then a discussion on how they ensure that what they are delivering to organisations and individuals brings a return on investment and the tools and techniques they use to do so.


    All programmes are £30+vat, and include lunch. If you would like to book a place please give us a ring or email me on [email protected].


    I look forward to hearing from you all.



    Best wishes,




  8. Hi Blake and Maria,

    Hi Blake and Maria,

    For some reason it wont let me reply to your comments, underneath.

    I am guilty of not using my network effectively! I know a few trainers and when we meet, it tends to be for a gossip! So, I will take on your suggestions, that we do a little PDP as well.

    I'm running a pilot course next week and someone is sitting in to ensure the course flows etc, I told her I would welcome feedback, but she was very keen to assure me that she would not be there checking on me, as she recommended me in the first place! However, I'll make sure I get something from her



  9. I really appreciate those of

    I really appreciate those of you who have taken the time to offer solutions to my concern. Great, simple ideas. Thanks 


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