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I've noticed an increasing tendency on this and other sites for people to add a photograph of themselves everytime they answer a question. What is this about?
Julie Preston

10 Responses

  1. oooh, I’m so vain!
    the photo is automatically attached by TrainingZone for any member with a profile with a photo. You will also notice that the name of the contributor appears in blue, this is a link to their profile.
    In an industry like this it is surprising how often you unexpectedly meet the face in some far flung pavilion after being aware of the person for some time.
    We aren’t all vain prima donna’s though!

  2. I was wondering about this too! I thought it must be an automatic thing. I don’t think I’ll be doing it!

  3. Profiles with photos
    Thanks for the “how it’s done” – the “why” is still what puzzles me.

    I’m with you on this one and won’t be including a photo with my profile!

  4. photo networking opportunity
    As Rus comments, as a supplier it is often helpful for potential customers to know who you are. I for one was approached at the HRD exhibition earlier this year because my photo was recognised.

    For building a network it is a valuable tool.

    If you are an internal trainer then I can understand that you may/ may not want to be recognised.

    I just wish that when people do put a photo on that it is clear who we are looking at & that it is not too big!


  5. Vamnity and because you can?
    >>>Thanks for the “how it’s done” – the “why” is still what puzzles me>>

    I have a sneaky suspicion there is a little bit of vanity involved, also that and ‘I’ll do it because its there’ – so prevalent throughout the internet and

    If it was otherwise companies would have been including photos on business cards for decades.

  6. the “why?”
    to answer the “Why?” for myself…
    a) I often have to meet people I’ve never met before in crowded places such as restaurants and hotel receptions areas…at least one of us has a chance of knowing what they are looking for

    b) Some of us have a strong visual preference and to have a photo of someone helps, a picture paints a thousand words
    c) It costs nothing (unlike printing 2000 business cards half of which will be inaccurate before they are used.) The picture is also about half the size of a business card so to fit a photo on a business card with the logo, contact details and name/title would be a bit difficult.

    Finally I’m overweight, mid forties and losing my hair…to suggest I have something to be vain about is really spoling me!

    PS Whilst I appreciate that the respondents to the question hardly represent a fair sample I can’t help but note that the “Ayes” are both male , whilst all the “Noes” are female. Could this be significant?


  7. Mugshot
    I put mine on for the reason Rus has outlined, its great to be able to put a face to a name and enhances the visual aspect of this community…no vanity here! Now I need to work out how to resize the photo any tips???!!!



  8. Resize
    this can be done in a number of packages – I have emailed you the photo changed to be uploaded

    I should have drawn on a bald patch or grey hair!

  9. Why thank you!
    Thank you Mike! You are a gentleman. Don’t worry about the bald spot/grey hairs, I’ll get them soon enough!!!

    Thanks again


  10. gentleman, scholar or an acrobat?

    You are welcome – I have been called many things in my career & life – gentleman is not one of them 🙂



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