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post course evaluation tool



I am looking for a post course evaluation tool for managers, who can analyse the ( Hopefully) positive changes in skill and or behaviour.

We already do a pre course form to identify the areas of development, completed by the delegate with their manager, and a post course form completed by the deleagte and their manager.

What we are lacking is something to evauate the return on investment / impact of the training i.e - can they perform the tasks to the required standard post course.

I would be very grateful if anyone would be willing to share any forms that they currently use.

Thank you,

Cariad Kenan

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  1. Forms

    Hi Cariad,

    Please PM me and i'll happily share the form that we use.

    Kind Regards,


  2. Post course evaluation tool

    Hi Cariad,

    You might want to check out the Kirkpatrick community – find on Google – there's also a Kirkpatrick comnunity group through LinkedIn. Essentially 4 levels of evaluation described in this model where 1= reaction (i.e. happy sheets); 2=learning; 3=behaviour and 4=results. Typically today the focus tends more towards assessing return on expectations (ROE) in addition to ROI.

    Good luck!


  3. Evaluation


    You say there is a "form" for managers to complete prior to the development taking place but surely this should be your job? You need to be the consultant and start asking the really difficult questions like:

    * What is the business need?

    *What does good look like?

    What behaviours are required to drive the change?

    Who is currently demostrating these behaviours?

    How will you reinforce the behaviours?

    I suggest you look at the free resources on kirkpatrick's website (kirkpatrick partners). There is a field guide to evaluation somewhere on there which gives a fairly good structured approach.

    Remeber the end is the beginning – if you don't know where you are going how will you get there?

  4. post course evaluation tool

    Hi Cariad,

    There isn't a one size fits all answer to your post. It sounds like you are after assessment tools rather than evaluation tools. 

    Evaluation ROI is a separate area altogether from assessing whether a person can perform a task on the job. ROI is also a long term strategy and you would have to put in place the assessments first, and then measure ROI at a later time once participants have had the opportunity to apply their new skills over a period of time.

    I suspect the ROI isn't so much what you are after but more so an assessment method for the managers to show they can perform the task.

    There is an abundance or ways that someone can be assessed on whether they can complete a task or to see a shift in behaviour. So long as you have measurable outcomes.

    Methods include:

    – Case Studies

    – on-the-job observation (completed by a manager or training professional)

    – verbal & written Q&A

    – projects

    – simulations

    – third party report

    – work product portfolio

    I'm also not sure at this point whether the course you are delivering is certificate based or just a professional development program. Certificate based programs require more formal assessments compared to PD programs.

    With all of the above methods it's really easy to create a template, it's the content that is the hard bit.

    If you can provide further information about your needs, i can help narrow the scope of the work for you.


  5. Post course form


    Hi Cariad

    I don't think I have exactly what you are looking for but have a look at our free resources at scrolling to 'TNA and Evaluation – Coaching Skills' document (3rd from bottom). This was a form we devised to support a coaching skills course in a computer manufacturer. It was specifically devised to prove the value of the training by producing quantifiable statistics. It was a good idea and well received by some senior managers (who had to run the evaluation meetings and complete the form) however quite bureaucratic and time consuming.

    You may be able to adapt for your own needs.


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Cariad kenan

Managing Director

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